Faye Wong at the Blue Harbor in Mid-April

This is a faxed photo of Faye Wong (王菲) and a friend at the Blue Harbor restaurant in Beijing, enjoying a cup of coffee. This is the first new photo of Faye we’ve seen for quite a while. According to the source, it was taken within the last few days.

apr13-15_2009_beijing(Source bbs.67.com)

More photos added 16 April 2009:

april2009_02april2009_03april2009_04(Source CFP [ChinaFotoPress]; Dayoo)

More photos added 16 April 2009:

april16_2009fapril16_2009g(Source CFP)

2 Responses

  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I really like these pics of Faye. She looks very relaxed/real and enjoying the company. I suppose she didn’t realise someone was photographing her.

    Ah, I’m gonna be a lady of leisure like Faye very soon! ahaha, my husband and I are moving to Vancouver in 2 weeks! I have to wait for my work visa to be approved, until then, I’m sure Faye Wong Today will keep me entertained!

  2. Thanks, Deb!

    So you’re becoming a Canuck! Is your husband from BC? From Perth to Vancouver sounds like a major, life-adjusting move. They’re both large cities by the sea, but climate’s probably very different. You’ll probably have a great time exploring the city and so many other metropolitan/cosmopolitan areas that aren’t too far off.

    But you’ll be moving farther away from Faye! It’ll be a long flight back to her concerts!

    Keep us posted on your move!

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