MP3 of Faye’s ‘Legend’ Live on CCTV

Here’s an MP3 of “Legend,” recorded during Faye Wong’s (王菲) live performance on CCTV on 13 Feb 2010.

ADDED 2.13.10 – Video below uploaded to YouTube by ellahkfc (HongKong Fans Club shortly after the live TV broadcast on 13 Feb 2010.

ADDED 2.13.10 – Video below uploaded to YouTube by mutie80 (Wubing) on 13 Feb 2010. What’s really cool is that he shot the entire performance off his TV set with his iPhone!

14 Responses

  1. I hope this performance will let Faye to reach her third peak in her music career! That is very very awesome! Great job Faye and all the best!

  2. everything is perfect, except her hairstyle

  3. hmm…does anyone know if this is sung live?

  4. There is no doubt that Faye did sang live, but maybe the one that is broadcasted worldwide that everyone seen on tv is not entirely the live footage she sang that day. Some discussion from fans said maybe it is precorded live + live footage(feb 13). But it doesn’t matter, Faye performed well.

    This is the mp3 studio version.

    Thanks to fan, Koji for sharing the mp3.

  5. Just noticed that Faye is not wearing her red band around her wrist.

  6. You can download it from
    I tried to download it from tianya, but it didn’t work.

  7. How to download video from your site? I want add to Youtube in my channel.

  8. i’m just so happy to hear faye sing again! so happy. what a great way to start the new year. when will she release her new album?

  9. will she even have a new album? don’t get my hopes up!

  10. The album is still a rumor, but it has been mentioned in different contexts by various people so it’s a real possibility. In the past, Faye’s concerts have all been based on showcasing her latest album releases. Thus, the expectation is that she’ll spend much of the time between now and November in the studio creating her next album.

  11. I love her tights! How is this woman 40 years old!?!?! I’m 30 and still jealous! She sang live with heavy backing vocals, you can hear her breathe in some parts.

  12. About the album, Li Jian, the composer of Legend, disclosed a few weeks ago in his interview that he is writing songs in Faye’s upcoming album and that it is his first attempt in writing songs for female artistes. But Katie did not confirm anything about the new album yet, she just said Faye wants to concentrate on the concerts first.

  13. Deb, thanks for the confirmation that she sang live. Unlike many other entertainers, Faye is a singer and has absolutely no problems sounding great on stage. Although some are saying that she was lipsynching, I didn’t get that impression. Faye’s bod is as hot as ever!

    Danny, thanks for the confirmation from Li Jian that an album may be in the works. I’m so excited right now just thinking about the album. I wonder if it’ll include the theme song from Confucius. “Legend” will probably be included. But if she follows a theme in selecting songs for the album, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s left out.

    I don’t think we saw the real Faye in these two songs. They were controlled pieces with little room for Faye’s creativity. But in her album and concerts, I think we will see Faye’s true genius and creativity.

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