Hubert: Faye’s Spring Festival Rehearsal Video!

Hubert on 11 Feb 2010 said:
You can find the latest rehearsal of Faye.
The quality is really good!

ADDED 2.11.10 Video (below) from Tudou

16 Responses

  1. OMG! Thanks, Hubert! Faye looks and sounds absolutely fabulous! I’m totally blown away! I’m speechless!

  2. Can anyone translate the reporter? I can pick up that she made a comment on Faye’s form at rehearsal, but can’t quite make out what she means, sounded like she compared it to Faye “back in the day”.

  3. she loves singing and we love to hear her sing!

  4. whose song is it anyway??

  5. Hey, eail. “Legend” (传奇) is her good friend Li Jian’s (李健) song.

  6. Her voice is so amazing! She looks amazing! omg those long legs… :P

  7. The dress is so pretty too….I love the song….awesome.

  8. Faye is the 10th performance instead…I had shot a full video with my iPhone, but the result is slightly shaky. Am uploading it to Youtube to share with u guys soon.

  9. Thanks, Wubing! I’ll add it to FWT as soon as it’s up. I was able to record an MP3 of the performance, live. Firefox wasn’t working with the CCTV broadcast so I had to use Internet Explorer. I don’t know how to download videos via IE!

    Faye was fantastic!

  10. Yup it is on the progress now….

  11. Wubing, Ella from the HongKong Fans Club uploaded a clean video of the performance to YouTube. Excellent resolution and sound quality. Yours isn’t up yet so I’m adding hers to the site.

  12. O i c, it is finally up, but ya….is okie ya –

  13. Wubing, thanks for recording the performance off your TV set with your iPhone! All fayenatics appreciate the effort you’ve made to record this historic moment in Faye’s career. It’s been uploaded and should be viewable shortly.

  14. Hey Feifan, thank you for sharing my effort on Faye Wong Today. It is okie, I am just doing my part cos I know how much the fans would wanna catch it. Really glad you managed to have the mp3 and the clearer version featured too.

  15. Diva born to sing ! still, no one can replace her position for the moment, cant wait to attend her concert..

  16. Karen, you’re going to be among the lucky few to be able to actually attend one of Faye’s concerts! We’ll be looking forward to news of your preparations and the concert itself!

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