Rare Songs – Valentine’s Radio

“Valentine’s Radio” is one of my favorite rare Faye Wong (王菲) songs. (Click below to listen to Faye’s and Yuming’s version.) It has a dated dance beat, but it’s fun to listen to. It was written and sung by Yumi Matsutōya (松任谷由実 ), who goes by the nickname Yuming (ユーミン). It was the lead track in her album Love Wars, released 25 Nov 1989. For her Queen’s Fellows: Yuming 30th Anniversary Cover Album (rel Dec 2002), she invited Faye to cover “Valentine’s Radio.” Faye sings it in the original Japanese. As far as I know, no video exists for Faye’s version. (Hopefully, someone like Leelee2046 will create a video for it.) On 4 Jan 2008, Sady19871224 uploaded a video of Yuming performing this song. The choreography is really good, and Yuming has a very nice voice. Needless to say, I prefer Faye’s version, but they’re equally good in their own way.

Faye’s version:

Yuming’s version:

7 Responses

  1. hi is there anyway that i can download the songs?

  2. Hi, Shaun. Firefox has a download helper add-on that allows you to download any/all of the songs here. The helper appears as three rotating balls in the toolbar when audio or video is playing. Clicking on the options arrow next to it shows the titles that are available for download. Click on the title, and the download to your computer begins. The mp3 file is saved on your desktop or in a folder of your choice. The same is true for videos. This is the simplest, most efficient way. Maybe others have alternative methods that they’re willing to share.

  3. I think she sounds so cute!

  4. Hi. Is this Leelee2046? Or another “Lily”? Anyway, I really like this song. Faye gives it a bounce and lightness that Yuming’s version doesn’t have. One of my fayve listens.

  5. Ok, I am officially addicted to this song (Faye’s version)!
    I can’t stop myself from singing it, even tho I don’t know the words, but I have looked up the lyrics and trying to learn them!!

  6. I love this (Faye’s version). It reminds me of the j-pop group Perfume. I want to download!

  7. I’m listening to the Yuming version now… she really sounds like a guy… ahaha just a little!
    But I love the retro touch of the 80’s, makes me wanna tease my hair and dance around with my hair brush! :)

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