Reader Opinions: Was Li Yapeng Justified?

This is an informal “poll” of opinions about whether or not you feel Li Yapeng was justified in scolding, shoving, slapping, and kicking reporters at Bangkok International today, July

23. Please take the time to post your response in the comments below. A simple “justified” or “not justified” would do, but feel free to explain your decision at length.

5 Responses

  1. Justified.

  2. Although I understand why LYP turned verbally and physically violent, I think he was wrong. Violence is never an option — except in self-defense. It’s my guess that this is LYP’s justification, that he was defending his two-year-old daughter, Yan, from public exposure in the media. As we all know, Yan was born with a cleft palate, and this circumstance might explain LYP’s sensitivity to having her photographed or captured on video. As a parent, he wants to protect her from any possible ridicule and, for his daughter’s sake, any embarrassment that she might suffer when she’s older and exposed to these earlier images. I can empathize with LYP. But the reality is that he and the family cannot hide or shield Yan forever. Eventually, a photo or clip would be published, regardless of their efforts to prevent it. Furthermore, as a person who is in the national spotlight, he cannot behave in ways that are unbecoming. This is especially true for someone who’s married to Faye Wong, a person who would probably never raise a hand against another human being in a situation such as this. LYP owes a heartfelt apology to both the reporters he abused as well as the people of China. As a gentleman with the highest virtues, he can do no less. If he does apologize, I’m positive that the reporters and the people will forgive him because they understand that he was acting on an instinct that all human beings share — to protect the young and helpless at all costs. But he went a bit overboard this time. His apology should be sincere, and he should assure everyone that it will never happen again. -feifan

  3. In my opinion, Li Yapeng actions were unjustified. Violence is always unjustified, has feifan rightly pointed above. He could have talked, discussed or eaven menaced the photographers, but slapping and hitting was just too much and especially kicking a woman (the female paparazzi). I think if Faye was around, she wouldn’t have acepted such a reaction. With this opinion, I am not defending the paparazzi’s actions and ther invasion of privacy. I just think one should not descend to the low level of that kind of people. We should keep our integrity and respond with contempt or resolve things with decency, respect and justice. I think Faye would have done that.

  4. I duno… when i try to put myself in his shoes it seems like a lot of pressure at ALL times…for him and his family, i think it is just a matter a time before someone cracked. im not saying he is right but at the same time i feel like the popoz deserve a beat down sometimes — they seriously dont get the meaning of back off. i know its their job but c’mon..

  5. The press earns money for their photos for their magazines. Li knows this. He also knows that the career he has chosen means he is in the spotlight – even more so with Faye. ‘When in public’ behavior must be restrained. The photographer was within his right to take pictures of him and the child, and non-famous people if he wants ‘When in public’ I do not side with the photographer, no doubt Li was in an emotional moment. He is human. I agree with yoyo. Li will do what he will do, hopefully this will not stick too deeply in the child’s mind.

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