Zach – Photos from Faye’s B’day Celebration!

zach_avatZach, on August 12th, 2009 said:

Here are tons of photos from Faye’s birthday celebration! :)

aug0809aaug0809gaug0809iaug0809jaug0809faug0809d The photos were taken on 10 August 2009, at Beijing’s Kunlun Hotel.
Click here for more photos.


11 Responses

  1. WOW! Thanks, Zach! These photos of Faye out celebrating her birthday are fabulous! Even in casual clothes, she looks like a runway model! She is breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. She is just stunning! No one else has the same kind of star quality. That’s what makes her so special. :)

  3. Wow….the stylish shirt. Anyone know which brand was this. She just went for normal shopping. The hairsyle is nice as well. Suits her face.

    Lover her new look.

  4. Raymond, I’m sure you’re right. Simple, yet stylish and elegant. I’m sure one of our fashionistas will be able to ID the designer, style, etc. And, yes, her hair, too. It’s very different from her usual styles. Fabulous! Makes you realize why she looks so awesome. Her face and the balance of her figure and features make her extremely photogenic. It’s no wonder the media goes bananas whenever she steps out.

  5. 脫俗!

  6. Faye looks so FABULOUS in that hair and those clothes! :D <3<3

  7. Yeah she look so cool.. Anyway Feifan, just wanna share something personal with you today. Today, August 13 is my birthday and one of my good friend cum colleague designed a birthday card for me. On the cover of the card, is a visual of me driving in my dream car, a Jeep and the lady beside me is FAYE WONG, and my fav X-men, Storm together with Mickey Mouse, cos of my love for Disney. I just thought it is so cute. So wanna share with u.

  8. Hey Fei fan,

    As August 13 is my birthday, my good friend / colleague designed a birthday card for me which is so funny, and I wanna share it with you. It is actually a pic of me driving my dream car, a Jeep, than beside me is FAYE WONG, and also my fav X-Men, Storm together with Mickey as I love Disney….Hope you enjoy it too…it look so real. Hahaha.

  9. 真的很有女王风范!

  10. Ok, so looks like I need a new haircut! ahaha, but how on earth does she pull this do off?!?! If I had the same cut and style, I’d look like a frizzy ball of fluff!

  11. Deb, it’s amazing how she can look so different with changes in her hair, dress, accessories, etc. — and look so good in all the transformations.I think she was just born to be a model.

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