Rare Songs – Faye and Softhard, 1993

Here’s a rare song and video from 1993 — Faye Wong with the Hong Kong rap duo, Softhard. Faye guest-starred in their popular TVB variety show. The guys, Jan Lamb (DJ Soft) and Eric Kot (MC H), collaborated with Faye on a couple of songs, and this is one of them, “Don’t Be Excused” (請勿客氣). The show comes in five video segments, and the song appears in the fourth (00:39-02:43). The audio below was ripped from the video. I really like this song. It demonstrates Faye’s range across genres and, in this song especially, the power of her voice. It’s still very early in her career, yet she’s already treated as a major star.

The videos were added to YouTube by Singsingcookie1 in May 2008. Faye appears in parts of all five. In the first, she is introduced. In the second, she plays pool with the guys. This segment is funny. She doesn’t do much in the third. The song is performed in the fourth. To see it, click on the video below. The fifth segment is the last, and the show closes with Faye’s “Fragile Woman.”

“Don’t Be Excused” (請勿客氣) from 00:39 to 02:43 [This video was removed from YouTube]

The video below was added on 2.24.10:

3 Responses

  1. Thank you for posting this song! It brings back a lot of memories. I heard this song before I knew about Faye (I grew up in Perth). My friend at the time played me this song and I loved the humour and Faye’s voice, which eventually led me to tracking down who Faye was and becoming an avid fan shortly after. I wish they did more songs together. Softhard wrote “Lau Fei Fei” but they listed the song writer as Lau Ka Yan (former Miss HK) I think, but it was their little inside joke.

  2. Deb, thanks for this fascinating comment. I really enjoy hearing stories about how people discovered Faye. For many of us living in the West, that discovery came late, through Tarantino’s release of CKE. That beautiful, haunting voice in the soundtrack covering the Cranberries’ “Dreams” made us curious about the singer, and when we learned through Tarantino’s commentary that Faye, the actress in CKE, was also the singer, the curiosity increased tenfold! Incredible beauty and amazing talent — you don’t find that combination often.

  3. Here’s mine then, feifan! I was visiting Malaysia in Feb 1995 and there were loads of trailers leading up to a broadcast of one of Faye’s1994 concerts at the HK Coliseum, so I watched it and recorded it on VHS. I enjoyed it a lot, even without understanding a word, but was only really hooked when I came across the tape again years later. That led me to start buying Faye’s out-of-print albums and her films on eBay or in Chinese shops; I have a pretty good set now! I also got into watching/buyng Wong Kar Wai’s other films, and even learning a bit of Chinese, which let’s face it is pretty difficult! So far I can sing about two and a half Faye songs from memory.

    I have this song with Softhard on the 4-disc so-called “Complete Collection”. The copy on this page is missing Faye’s delightful giggle at the end — but there is now a complete version at https://fayewongtoday.wordpress.com/2009/02/28/kim-questions-about-rare-songs/

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