Ultra Rare: ‘Fayenatics – The Album’

Here’s a Faye Wong (王菲) album that I’ve never seen in real time or for sale online: Fayenatics – The Album. I discovered it on Josh Cheung’s website. Josh’s Fayevourite Faye Wong Page is not very active as far as current info goes, but it is still the single most valuable historical resource for English speakers. This CD of rare songs is not an official Faye or studio release. Instead, it was created and produced by the Faye Wong Fayenatics mailing list in 1998. This amazing project was coordinated by Mey Ngo. The front and back covers are pictured below; the third and largest photo below is the back cover of the booklet that accompanied the CD. Here’s a description from the site: “A special double CD album featuring rare Faye songs (from live performances, early songs from when she was a teenager, etc.) on one CD and fellow Faye fans singing Faye songs on the second CD. The purpose of this non-profit CD set was to dedicate it to Faye and for Faye fans to hear some rare songs and other fans singing. Note, this CD is sold out and out of print.”

Reviewing the track list from today’s perspective, a decade later, the selections seem a bit limited. However, from a historical perspective, this album is absolutely invaluable. This project gives us a tangible sense of the strength of Faye’s fanbase. I’m not sure if there’s another entertainer in the world with fans who would go to these lengths to support their idol.

Tracks from the first CD featuring Faye singing rare songs:

1. Meet In 1998 (duet with Na Ying)
2. Endless Romance, A Story Of A Small Town
3. Classmate (duet with Na Ying)
4. I Only Care For You
5. Loving Once Is Not Enough (duet with Jacky Cheung–Mandarin cover of “Very Summer”)
6. Medley
(a) It Seems Like A Visit From An Old Friend
(b) I Have A Date With Spring
(c) Imagination Unlimited (with Leon Lai)
(d) Softly Touching Your Face
(e) Love Letter
(f) I Want
7. Impatience (Freedom Verision) (Remix)
8. Promised (Drum And Bassy Mix) (Remix)
9. Please Don’t Speak (tracks 9-15 are Faye songs from when she was a teenager)
10. A Childhood Filled With Dreams
11. You’re At My Side
12. Take A Guess Please
13. The Two Of Us
14. Wanting You To Know
15. Girl

Tracks from the second CD, with Fayenatics covering some of their favorite Faye songs:

1. Sleepwalk (instrumental)–by Cameron Pershall
2. Bored–by Hee Ming Chuen
3. Sky And Earth–by Julia Shek
4. Chesspiece–by Jiawei Wu
5. Innately Not Made Of Love–by Leong Weilin
6. Into The Fire–by Mark Hsieh
7. Because Of Him–by Emilia Ku
8. Medley
(a) Pledge (Discovery Mix intro)–by Mey Ngo
(b) Loving Once Is Not Enough–by Will Wong & Helena Cheung
(c) Dream Person–by Helena Cheung
(d) No Regrets (Cantonese and Mandarin)–by John Tran & Mey Ngo
(e) Lost Track–by Yein Ngo
(f) Di-Dar–by Emilia Ku & Will Wong
(g) Pledge–by Mey Ngo
9. Scandalous–by Joshua Cheung
10. Comet–by Yvonne Lai
11. Undercurrent–by Helena Cheung
12. Decadence–by Boris Lee
13. You’re Happy, So I’m Happy–by Irene Santoso
14. I Don’t Want To Be This Way Either–by Will Wong
15. I’m Willing–Mey Ngo
16. Not Asking For Much (Like Wind with new Mandarin lyrics)–by Will Wong & Mey Ngo

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