Faye on Aug 8, Poses with and Signs Autographs for Fans

On her birthday, the day after the celebration, Faye Wong (王菲) stops to pose with fans and sign autographs. (Source ent.qq, 8.12.10)

5 Responses

  1. love, love faye’s fendi embroidered peekaboo bag…so vintage!!

  2. who is the guy? could it be her brother? if true we never seen faye with her brother in a photograph before

  3. I wonder if Faye spends hours before going out choosing what to wear or does she just put on whatever is lying around? She always looks so damn good! I guess she has plenty of clothes to choose from, still, putting cool outfits together everytime is a different story. The pics from the “birthday party” looks very “Sex in the City”, can’t believe Faye is 41. Hollywood makes such a big fuss about how stars stay slim or ageless as they get older, they would weep at the sight of Faye. Of course I am under the assumption that Faye is “au naturelle” and has not had any “work done”.

  4. Good comments, Deb. I wondered the same, too. I have a feeling Faye’s a natural when it comes to dressing, too. She trusts her instincts, as she does with her music. So she probably dresses quickly without much conscious thought.

    Faye’s also a natural beauty who’s never had plastic surgery. She hasn’t needed it. Genetics and an intelligent, sensible approach to health keeps her youthful. I guess that’s what’s so special about Faye. She has it all, and it comes with seemingly little effort.

  5. Dont forget Faye maintains a VERY healthy diet, no wonder she is in such good shape and looks great for her age!

    I think Faye has naturally good taste for what to wear, from casual outfits to formal dresses, she has a good eye for style.

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