‘Faye Wong Today’ 1st Anniversary – April 27

April 27 is the first anniversary of Faye Wong Today (FWT). To commemorate that day, I’ll be posting, on the 27th, a list of my all-time favorite Faye Wong song, album, etc. Please share your all-time fayvorites list with us by adding it as a comment to this message. For photos, if possible, please add a URL if we don’t have a copy on FWT. I’ll be adding a brief explanation for each choice. I hope you’ll take the time to do the same. I plan to transfer some of your lists from the comments section to posts as they’re received.

My List of All-Time Fayvorites

1. Song
2. Album
3. Concert
4. Film (Movie)
5. MV
6. Photo
7. Dress (or outfit)
8. TV Performance
9. TV Interview
10. Faye Quote


See the following lists of all-time favorites:

Raint’s list
Dan’s List
TianKongWuChang’s List
Raymond Chua’s List
y.A.S.d.’s List
Delirium_Zer0’s List
Peppar’s List
Best of Faye Wong

8 Responses

  1. hey, congrats on turning 1! i like this webbie alot cos its really comprehensive and fun~

    anyway, these are my response, if i can only write one for each …

    1. Song: 哪兒, i’m forever amazed by her extraordinary capability to control her voice (volume, beat and so on) according to a song’s feel. other than technicalities, this language-less song has helped comfort me through stressful and distressful times for over a decade. the magical effect of this song on me is so far unparallelled.

    2. Album: 浮躁. very soulful, very real. simple feelings expressed with much needed clarity. maybe it is the way she found to expressed those feelings that makes it so clear. also, i can always feel the fizz of a summer in all the songs in that album.

    3. Concert: Scenic tour 1998. I have a feeling i would like the Budokan’s concert of the 1998 series the most, because I felt her voice was exceptionally pristine, and she performing exceptionally well. but i’ve onli seen 4 songs clips from tt Bodukan concert, so I cant really say. overall, her 1998 concerts are my favourite!

    4. Film (Movie): Chungking express. i always like wong kar wai’s movies and with faye in his movie is simply more than i could ever ask for. innocent and angelic faye wong is cute and adorable and pure. like character like life.

    5. MV: 無常. so carefree!

    6. Photo: 自便’s album cover picture. she has put so much of herself to her loved one, and she has hurt. so the picture taken (or rather published) at that time makes me feel so much for her.

    7. Dress (or outfit): this is one qn that I cant really say for sure. because, all her clothes feel like her skin and I seldom admire her clothes without being distracted by her performance or her actions.

    8. TV Performance: 千岁情人! whou… the beginning of my love affair with her. Or did i start liking her before? haha.. i cant really rem.

    9. TV Interview: telling jokes to Little S and Hei Ren on TV. how she laughs so hard is darn cute.

    10. Faye Quote: i’m sorry I dun have a favourite faye wong quote~

  2. 1. Song: Kai Dao Tu Mi(开到荼靡), first track of 1999 Only Love Stranger album, like the music arrangement, the distorted feel.

    2. Album: 1998 Chang You(唱游), faye uses different voice to sing each song, I don’t think any asia female artiste can do that.

    3. Concert: 1998 hong kong scenic tour concert, like everything, faye’s voice, the song list, the music arrangement of each song, the stage, the stage light, the clothes she wore, the makeup.

    4. Film: (Movie) 1994 Chungking Express, she act herself in the movie, acting is natural, not overdone.

    5. MV: TVB version of Seasonal Wind(季候风), this MV is different from a typical faye’s MV, this is a rare one where there is someone who act as faye’s boyfriend in the MV.

    6. Photo: The photo on 1998 Chang You album cover.

    7. Dress (or outfit): The all black outfit faye wore at Hong Kong J.S.G Best 10 Awards Presentation 1994.

    8. TV Performance: 1993 Eternity, Qian Sui Qing Ren, faye so beautiful in all white outfit in the drama serial.

    9. TV Interview: Like every interview of faye with Taiwan host Taozi. Interesting and funny.

    10. Faye Quote: More Music, Less Gossip(多点音乐,少点是非), She said it at Hong Kong J.S.G Best 10 Awards Presentation 1998.

  3. 1. Song: Cui Mian (Track 3 of Zhi Ai Mo Sheng Ren)
    2. Album: Tian Kong
    3. Concert: 1998 HK Concert
    4. Film (Movie): Chung King Express
    5. MV: Ren Jian
    6. Photo: Chang You album cover
    7. Dress (or outfit): White dress with the super long sleeves at the 1994/95 HK concert
    8. TV Performance:
    9. TV Interview:
    10. Faye Quote:

  4. Song: Tao Hao Zi ji (Dec 1994 canton album release)
    Till today the songs never feel like a 15 years old songs. Still refreshing. and it sounds futuristics. Looks like faye music is well ahead of others for 10 years.

    This songs as well so simple. The music match with her voice so so well and also the Mv match with the songs, lyrics and music….Does the songs feel like 13 years old song. No it never…..

    The look of love and Thank you for hearing me
    Both of this version are exremely good till get a lot of western and europe fans. This really opens the eyes of the westerner to Asia. Trust me listen it and tell me how does it really feel.

    2. Album: 10000 why
    Many will be suprise but that albums have almost all her hit. Though it is not herself but at the end every single songs has its own unique. Although it is not purely her work but hey that albums did contains alternative style as well.

    3. Concert: 1998 HK Concert
    No doubt, i label this as a comeback concert. She sings so many english songs on her.

    4. Film (Movie): Chung King Express
    Her best acting roles so far. Match her style and she is like acting her own character. No mistakes on that acting and it was th first film that makes it recognized and earn a lot in America Box office. Look for the history than you will know.

    5. MV: You happy so i am happy.
    The shirt color patern shows illusion to our eyes. Really nice…..
    An Yong MV is also nice sames goes to To Love….faye beutiful side…..after so long she show the world she still have the DIVA Look on that MV

    6. Photo: Chang You album cover
    The album cover is so futuristic and makes faye look most beautiful. I think the Fable album too….the commercial picture is so so nice. The best of Faye but the albums picture are just a 70’styles look which look unique but not perfect

    7. Dress (or outfit): 1998 concert outfit

    8. TV Performance:千岁情人
    Though acting skill is so so but the beauty of her that time were uncompareable. showing modern Chinese look although story about dynasty

    9. TV Interview:
    On album promo for to love album. She looks friendly in almost every interview. Showing her fun side and talk more

    10. Faye Quote:
    Reporter: Are you singing again.
    Faye: Yes I will be back singing…my album will release next month
    did she ever say that before….i am still waiting.if yes, this will be the best quote to evry single fans of her and this website will become busy again…hahah

  5. TianKongWuChang, thank you for sharing your list! I like that white dress (from the HK 1994-95 concert) with the super-long sleeves, too! BTW, I would’ve posted your list as a separate article, too, if it were more complete.

  6. My List of All-Time Fayvorites
    1. Song: Kai Dao Tu Mi (The Last Blossom), because this is the song that has drawn me in for many many years and I still love it. I like to see Faye perform this everytime! The distorted filters and guitar+violins, very nice!
    2. Album: Yu Yan (Fable), because of the first 5 compositions that Faye composed. These songs are telling a story and really fit eachother with a very alternative feeling to it. Furthermore Goodbye firefly is one of my favourite songs aswell!
    3. Concert: Scenic Tour (maybe Taipei), very very good setlists and renditions of the songs, the music is filled with a more rock arrangement and you can hear that it is very live. The costumes are beautiful too and the stage design, especially the Taipei looks very great, with a perfect tracklist. Faye’s voice was also very emotional in this time. Love it!
    4. Film (Movie): Chungking Express because Faye has such a big and great role which she acted natural in!
    5. MV: Goodbye firefly, it is very mysterious, Faye looks pretty in it and has a lot of after effects in it.
    6. Photo: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/416XQFAQNNL._SL500_AA240_.jpg because she looks so alternative
    7. Dress (or outfit): The one she wore in Taipei scenic tour during Kai Dao Tu Mi. With the bra showing!
    8. TV Performance: 千岁情人, because she is leading role and beautiful. And also because of the theme song which is sang by Faye.
    9. TV Interview: The Dodo interview, she was beautiful there and gave very interesting and intelligent answers.
    10. Faye Quote: ‘So if someone is beautiful you should start dating?’ Because I also think dating someone because of the looks is ridiculous.

    And YAY, celebrating the first anniversary! congrats…

    y.A.S.d. (Kei Long)

  7. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!! I hope it’s not too late to contribute something.

    1. Song

    “Cui Mian” (Hypnotize) from Only Love Strangers. It was one of my first Faye songs, and I have ALOT of happy memories attached to it (appropriate, given the theme of the song).

    2. Album

    “Chang You” (Scenic Tour). Such a great blend of music styles, and the whole album feels polished from start to finish. I don’t skip a single song on it – I remember the day my copy arrived at my door. I was SO excited. I adore this album.

    3. Concert

    HK Scenic Tour 98-99. The setlist is PERFECT, her vocals were top-notch, the arrangements were either perfectly accurate or greatly improved, and the costumes are iconic!!

    4. Film (Movie)

    I’m gonna be different here & say Chinese Odyssey 2002. This movie is HILARIOUS, and she is just all kinds of adorable in it. And she manages to be beautiful even when dressing like a boy! How many people can do that?

    5. MV

    “Si Yue Xue” (April Snow)…. there’s something just inexplicably awesome about this video. It goes with the song so well, better than most Faye PVs, and the effects are cool. This is one that I watch all the time, I couldn’t pinpoint what it is exactly that draws me in, but I love it.

    6. Photo

    This photo from Bene-Bene magazine just encapsulates everything about Faye that I love and respect – her mystery, her charm, her carriage, the way she draws you in but never reveals everything. She commands respect in a unique way, and I think this photo brings that out.

    7. Dress (or outfit)

    This is going to sound silly but I love the sparkly Police Girl J-Phone outfit. XD Maybe it’s too hard to choose between her more haute couture styles, or maybe I just like sparkly things, or maybe that series of commercials was hilarious. Either way, this outfit makes me smile.

    8. TV Performance

    I unfortunately have always had a hard time following Faye’s TV performances, so I can’t say I have a concise enough list to give you a definitive favorite. But the first TV live I ever saw – one of “Hypnotize”, but I can’t remember the show – is what comes to mind. I haven’t seen it in years, and I can’t track down the file, but that performance is still very vivid in my memory. I remember her being the tiniest bit flat during part of the second chorus, and her seeming more human & charming because of it.

    9. TV Interview

    As an english-speaker, I have to go with the CNN interview from 1998 or 1999. I got to see a Faye Wong interview where she was dubbed by a translator – I got to follow the interview the whole way through! It was so great to see Faye talking on an english language program. I remember being a total fangirl watching it.

    10. Faye Quote

    “I’m okay if you say that my singing’s no good, but I can’t have you saying my Mahjong skill is bad!”

    I forget where it’s from, and it’s probably not the EXACT right translation. I saw it on a fansite YEARS ago and I just thought it was funny. :)

  8. Song: New Tenant 新房客 (Album: Fable 寓言)
    Love the mix of electronica with orchestrated rock, poetic lyrics from Lin Xi and of course… The amazing vocal.

    Album: Scenic Tour 唱遊
    I love every single song in this album!

    Concert: 1998 HK Scenic Tour
    Brilliant music arrangement, make-up, costumes and one of my favourite – the unplugged version of “Awake from Dream”.

    Film: (Movie): Chung King Express
    A role meant for her, so natural.

    MV: Wake Up 醒不來 (Album: Chang You 唱遊)
    The visual matches the mood of this song so well!

    Photo: The Fable 寓言 album cover picture
    Not too fancyful, a touch of mystery.

    Dress (or outfit): The bare-back dress
    Duet with Na Ying “同桌的你” in 1997

    TV Performance: 千岁情人
    That was when she walked into my life! Love the theme song too!

    TV Interview: E-news with Tao Zi
    She is probably the only host whom Faye can chat and joke with very comfortably.

    Faye Quote: “I’m just a normal human being.”
    Being famous bothers her, she said during an interview (not sure when was it).

    Happy 1st Anniversary!! Thank you very much for maintaining this blog!

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