Costumes, Makeup, Hairdo, Shoes for Faye’s 2010 Concerts?

Faye Wong’s concerts are all about her songs — but they’re also about her fashion: costumes, makeup, hairdo, shoes, etc. To celebrate the second anniversary of Faye Wong Today, we’ll be publishing lists of songs that fayenatics would like to hear in Faye’s 2010 concerts. (Click here to add your list.) We’ll also be publishing suggestions for Faye’s concert costumes, makeup, etc. submitted by fayenatics. Please add your suggestions as comments to this post. If you want to include photos, please add their URLs. We’ll gather and publish them on the 27th.

7 Responses

  1. i love this

    and this

  2. Great choices, Chelsea. I thought Faye looked fabulous in this Nov 2001 concert in Tokyo. The whole program was nonstop music, dynamic and powerful at times, soft and tender at others. Only Faye can generate such a wide range of emotions through her performances. Her costumes were terrific, especially that swan outfit! I liked her look throughout. Just radiant!

    Faye’s cover of Sinead O’Connor’s song is breathtakingly beautiful. Songs like this demonstrate the range and power of Faye’s voice.

  3. I love Alexander McQueen last collection. It is a Queen Elizabeth meeting the Future. I specially love the sparkly number on 2:25. I think Faye will pull this off.

    How about the hair from Alexander McQueen Spring 2009 collection.. It is very futuristic. The hair is like vein on the face. Very cool!!!

  4. I forgot to mention those shoes for his last collection. Faye has to wear those!!! Lady Gaga wore the alien looking shoes and the sparkly number at her Bad Romance MV.

  5. Thanks, Nicholas! Yes, I can definitely see Faye getting inspiration from these styles. She could easily pull them all off — and look wild doing it!

  6. Camouflage patterns were big in the runways for Fall 2010 fashion shows in Paris this year. In my mind, my favorite camouflage moment was when Faye wore that camo pattern cape in front of the camo wallpaper in the “Ni Kuai Le Suo Yi Wo Kuai Le” video. i would love to see something like that again, perhaps during a performance of “The Last Blossom”, because i get a militant vibe from that song for some reason.

  7. Love the knee high boots on her. Yes the short light purple dress with socks or boots up to the knees is so hot/sexy (that pic upper left) I know she likes to cover up, but she has these awesome legs that go on forever. Im a confirmed Faynatic that wants to be her next husband. An I too obscene ? I can’t help it, those damn movies she made brought on the obsession.

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