Rare Songs – I Love Freckles

Ever since I read Josh Cheung’s description of Faye Wong’s (王菲) song, “I Love Freckles,” I’ve been dying to hear it. I finally found it. Click below to listen. it’s a cover from Alan Tam’s album, The Root of Love. Alan’s version is actually a cover of Gazebo’s 1983 song, “I Like Chopin.” The problem is that I just haven’t been able to track it down on the web. Josh describes the album as Universal’s Alan Tam 15th Anniversary Tribute Collection, released August 1999. Anyway, with that title and the bits and pieces of info that I had, I struck out for the last couple of years.

Tonight, though, in a random search on Imeem, I struck gold. John (Nong) Zhang, in Dec 2007, uploaded a song titled “I Like Chopin,” sung by Faye, which just happens to be the original title of “I Love Freckles.”

Variants of the album title are Alan Tam – Who Can Change and Alan Tam 15th Anniversary Memorial Collection – Unchangeable. But the August 1999 date is the same. Also, it seems Faye’s song, on track 2, is included in the Hong Kong release only. It’s been inexplicably omitted from releases in other regions.

Click on the arrow to listen.

10 Responses

  1. Good job on the rare songs, i havent heard most of these, theyre great!! speaking of which, one of my favourate songs which was lesser known was the end theme of the china version of demi gods and semi devils, u’ve probably heard it, i dont know if it can be classed as a “rare” song but feel free to put it up if you see fit, i really like it. there is a version of it on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBzkYSYVs3c – its not all that great a vid but the songs there. Still loving the site, keep it up!

  2. Colin, thanks for the kind words. Yeah, these rare songs are like hidden treasures. Whenever I find them, I’m amazed at the quality, breadth, and depth of Faye Wong’s work. She just doesn’t mess up even in these obscure songs that were never released as singles or in albums. Everything she does is a work of art, even when the sound engineering or recording medium is poor. The theme from the 2003 TV series Demi Gods and Semi Devils is no exception. Guess what’s going to be the next rare-songs post . Thanks for the tip!

  3. 第一次聽到 感謝您的分享^^太棒拉 好感動

  4. LU, you’re welcome (不客气), and thank you (謝謝) for the comment. Whenever I find one of Faye’s (王菲) rare songs, I feel as though I’ve discovered gold (发现金矿).

  5. Feifan, what is your email? I got a rare FAYE WONG song for you to advertise on your website.

  6. hi. you can contact me at feifan@wild4music.com, but i don’t check email that often. fastest way to reach me is via a comment like this one attached to any of the posts. i get a flash when a comment is made.thanks.

  7. K emailed u the songs.

  8. Thanks, Wubing. We actually did a piece on “Those Flowers” on 6.7.08 with these two songs embedded. The title was “Those Flowers – A Mystery?” because we’re not sure if Faye is the singer in the studio version. To find stuff in this blog, type a key word or words into the search box at the upper right and all articles with that word will come up. For example, typing “Those Flowers” or “mystery” will help you find the article. About the song “I Love You,” you can easily download it and any of the other songs via “Download Helper” in Firefox. Back to “Those Flowers,” we’ll eventually post it as a rare song. In the meantime, I wish we knew who the singer in the studio version is. If we have a positive ID, then we’ll know it’s not Faye.

  9. THANK YOU!!!! Haven’t heard this song in agessss……Been trying to track down the mp3 for a while. Would you be very very kind to email me the mp3? Was trying to download it from the original immem site but no luck so far. Thanks!

  10. Hi, Taka. About the song “I Love Freckles” — you can easily download it and any of the other songs on this site via “Download Helper” in Firefox. Let me know if you need help in doing this.

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