‘Last Christmas’ – A Rare Song by Faye

Deb, on 3 March 2009 said:

I totally forgot about Serpentskirt, I love that song!

I wonder how Faye and CT came to work together?

If only Faye came out with another “Restless” album, that would bring a tear to my eye (of joy)!

wham1Oh I just thought of a Rare Song that should be posted. In her 98-99 HK Concert, on Christmas and maybe Xmas Eve too, Faye sang a couple of english songs, one was definitely Last Christmas by Wham. Can we find a recording of this??

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Reply 3 March 2009: Wow! Last Christmas by Wham! This would definitely be a rare song. I’ve never heard of Faye covering it. I’ve always thought that Faye could do wonders with Christmas songs. She has the perfect voice for them! There must be a recording out there, somewhere, even a very poor one. Or maybe even a video.

[UPDATE 5.22.10: Click here for the video.]

Re Serpentskirt — it’s grown and still growing on me. With every listen, I’m getting a better feel for Faye’s presence and how she impacts the song. I think she makes a world of difference.

Re how she got together with Cocteau Twins — I hope someone will step forward and enlighten us.

cocteau_twins_1984Her first CT cover was “Random Thoughts” (“Bluebeard”) from the album of the same name and, a couple years later, “Fractured” and “Repressing Happiness” in Fu Zao. The following year, in Faye Wong 1997, CT contributed “Amusement Park” and Faye did “Reminiscence,” a cover of CT’s “Rilkean Heart.” There might’ve been more, but that’s all I’m aware of.

They must’ve developed a working relationship. How, I’m not sure. But I’ve read some not-so-nice things from one of the CT members about Faye. My sense is that they’re talented but crass. Well, at least this one member. I don’t think they ever understood or appreciated Faye’s artistry. But I may be wrong. If they’d kept up the collaboration, who knows what heights they might’ve reached together.

4 Responses

  1. Dropped a Sex commandment Faye Wong remix onto your email. Do check.

  2. was thinking wen she will release her new album man!
    faye rocks!

  3. Wee, from recent photos and news videos, it’s obvious that Faye looks stunning and could step on the stage right now and blow everybody away. I hope she’ll find inspiration in 2009 to get back into the recording studio to crank out a new album and follow up with concerts. Yeah, Faye rocks!

  4. I came to Wong Faye from the Cocteau Twins. Backstage, after a concert, some other fan alerted the band members that Faye Wong had done a cover of them( from her Mixed Up Thinking – White album). They had never heard of her and liked her version of their music. They got in contact with her and soon were in full collaboration with her on the Restless album( my Fayevorite because I am a Cocteau Twins fan). Simon and Elizabeth are very sweet, and so is Robin but he can sometimes speak very plainly and that can pass for rudeness for some. I doubt they’d disparage Wong Faye because they really do like her. I know this from their private comments. Wong Faye fans should check out some Cocteau Twins albums if they like Restless. I recommend The Pink Opaque, Blue Bell Knoll, Heaven or Las Vegas, Four Calendar Cafe, and Milk and Kisses. Pretty much anything they did is great, however, just like Wong Faye!

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