Rare Songs – Faye and Andy 1997 HK Handover

A rare song and video of Faye  Wong (王菲)  and Andy  Lau (刘德华) performing a duet, “Leaving Hong Kong by Bright Moonlight” (明月出香江), as part of the Handover Celebration on 1 July 1997. The “stage” is the floor of a huge arena, with hundreds of dancers representing waves in the ocean and a float, shaped like a boat, bearing the singers. Faye’s voice is clear and beautiful, leaving you wanting more. But this is a lavish group number and the fact that Faye is the lead singer and she and Andy perform half the song, I guess, should leave us feeling satisfied.

The audio was ripped from the video below. It includes only the first half of the song and omits the second half, which is performed by other singers and the entire group. The two halves are as different as night and day, as Hong Kong is to mainland China. Faye and Andy, dressed in white, seem to symbolize youth and the new world while the others, the beauty of tradtion.

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  1. absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for collecting all these.

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