May 2013
Li Yan at 7 Is Beauiful and Talented
SmileAngel 27 May 2013 Gala Dinner
Faye Honors Teresa at 19 May 2013 Memorial Concert

April 2013
Faye in 27 Nov. 1998 Beijing Concert
Joyce and Cejan – Faye’s COART Song!
Faye Sings Theme Song for ‘So Young’
Faye to Sing at Teresa Teng’s 60th Birthday Celebration in May 2013
Tong Tong Unveils Own Composition ‘On the Beach’ on 10 March 2013
Rare Faye Videos and Stills from 1985 CCTV Performance
Raymond Chua – Faye Recording Theme Song for Vicki’s Film ‘So Young’
Anonymous – Video of Faye at Li Dongtian’s December Event

November 2012
y.A.S.d. – Faye’s 12/1/11 Performance of Schubert’s ‘Serenade’
Photos from Friends’ Blogs Thru Sep 2012
Rare Early Photos of Faye
Phil48 – Making of Faye’s 2000 Head and Shoulders Video
Faye Photos from October 2012 – Part 2
Faye Photos from October 2012 – Part 1
Raymond – ‘Chang You’ and ‘Faye Wong 1997′
Michael Ennis – ‘Sentiments of a Native Village’

October 2012
Nick Lee – Faye’s 1998-99 Scenic Tour in China

September 2012
Cejan – Faye and Yapeng at Annual Bazaar Charity in Beijing
Faye on Bazaar October 2012 Cover

August 2012
Happy Birthday, Faye!
Yvan – Happy Birthday Faye!
Cejan – Faye and Yapeng 7th Anniversary!

June 2012
Cejan – Faye and 6-1 Club Visit SmileAngel Hospital
Faye and the Chinese National Men’s Basketball Team
Yan and Jingtong: Dancing and Clubbing
FastTrack.HK: Faye Is ‘China’s Only Bona Fide Diva’
Shirley Wong and Veronica Yip – 1993 Duet
Faye and Sandy ‘Do Dak Ta’ 1992

May 2012
More Videos and Photos from the May 27 Smile Angel Fundraiser
Chelsea – Dou Jingtong Blossoming into a Real Beauty!
Cejan – Faye at Smile Angel Children’s Hospital Charity Dinner 27 May 2012
‘Still Waiting Again’ 1990 – Updated
eskimo88 & Chelsea – Faye Covers Paul McCartney’s ‘My Valentine’

April 2012
Joyce, Michael Ennis, Chelsea – Faye’s Latest Performance of ‘Heart Sutra’
‘Those Flowers’ Revisited

March 2012
Photos from March 2012 and the Last Few months
cejan – Faye’s Latest Commercial for an Organic Milk
Chelsea – Faye’s Pilgrimage to India in March 2012
dae2x – Cleaned-up ‘Moonlight in the City’ and ‘Exhale’
cejan – Maitreya Buddha Mantra

February 2012
Chelsea – ‘Moonlight in the City’ at the Chongqing Concert on 18 Feb. 2012
Chelsea – Faye’s ‘Exhale’ in 1992
Faye Hot in Kuala Lumpur!
Faye at Spring Festival 2012

January 2012
Faye & Titi Horsing Around
Faye and Katie on Jan. 12, 2012
Faye, Happy New Year!
Chelsea – Faye Rehearsing for Spring Festival Show
cejan – Faye & Yapeng’s SmileAngel Promo & New Year Wishes
raymond chua – Is Faye Pregnant?
Tong Tong Is 15!

December 2011
cejan – Faye Sings New Song ‘Wish’ on New Year’s Eve TV Show
Faye in Friends’ Blogs – Mid-December 2011
Cejan – Faye’s Cover of Alan Tam’s ‘I Like Chopin’
MM – What Is the Title of This Song?
neuyyar – First Look at Faye’s Wedding Pictures
Chelsea – Source for Good Faye Pics
ryuumuchuu – Video of Faye’s Recent Performance of ‘Jiang Ai’
Chelsea – Faye Sings Schubert’s ‘Serenade’
Faye at Shin Kong Mall, Nov. 2011

November 2011
Mark Cheong – Video from Faye’s Malaysia Concert
ryuumuchuu – A New Faye Song or a New Cover?
Faye with Vicki Zhao’s Daughter Oct. 29

October 2011
Sep-Oct 2011 Photos from Zing’s and Ryan’s Blogs
Cejan – Faye at Movie Premiere on Sep. 5
ryuumuchuu – Story Behind Faye’s ‘I’m Willing’
ryuumuchuu – Faye and Eason Duet ‘Because of Love’
Faye in Taiwan for Celine – Sep. 9, 2011

September 2011
Yvan – Beautiful Photos of Faye in Bazaar Oct. 2011
ryuumuchuu – English Subtitles for Faye’s 2011 Interview
Phil48 – Faye’s New Veggieg Avatar!
Phil48 – Faye Sightings Sep. 5 and 6
Faye Visits Chengdu

August 2011
Wuhan Photos from Katie, Zing, Veggieg
Faye at Wuhan 26 Aug. 2011
Photo from Zing’s Blog – Wuhan 26 Aug. 2011
Photo from Veggieg 26 Aug. 2011
Chinese Media Rediscovering Faye’s Sexy Photos
Faye in Wuhan for Aug. 26-27 Concerts
Vikki – Faye Will Release a New Album Later This Year!
Happy Birthday Faye!
Tong Tong and Yan on July 29

July 2011
Patricia – Malaysia Tickets on Sale from August 20
y.A.S.d. – ‘Flower of Paradise’ Really Exists!
Faye Concert Tour – Wuhan August 26-27
Faye’s Changsha Photos – July 2011
Vikki – Faye’s New Song Additions at Changsha Concerts

June 2011
Faye Will Be Performing in Changsha July 2-3
Faye Singapore Concert: Special Ticket Offer Deadline June 12!

May 2011
Mark – Faye’s Cover of ‘Torn Between Two Lovers’
Rare Video: Guangzhou Sep. 2001 Concert
Vikki- Faye Cut Her Hair Short and Dyed It Red!
Faye’s Oct. 29 Singapore Concert: Seating and Ticket Plan
Cejan and Vikki – Faye in HK on May 11
Away~ ‘Sleepwalk’ and ‘Rilkean Heart’ Videos
From Veggieg on Mother’s Day 2011
Jing Tong’s Mother’s Day Message to Faye
Cejan – Faye’s 1996 Interview
Faye’s Singapopre Concert – Oct. 29
Faye’s Malaysia Concert – Nov. 6
Raymond Chua – Question About Faye’s 1986 Album ‘Parting’
Faye’s Guangzhou Concert: May 13-14, 2011
ktrwnggman – Faye Au Naturale
Cejan – Complete Translation of Faye and Yapeng’s Jan. 9 Interview with Yang Lan
Faye Concert in Harbin – Nov. 26 & 27

April 2011
Kyan – Zing and Titi Kwan on Faye
Music from Veggieg – April 25-26
Wubing – Vicki Zhao and Faye Wong
Music from Veggieg – April 15
Music from Veggieg – April 12-13
Music from Veggieg – April 9-11
Music from Veggieg – April 8 & 9
ktrwnggman – Faye Has New Veggieg Profile Picture!

March 2011
ktrwnggman – Faye’s ‘What’s Up?’ Ehanced by Rickotube
From Faye’s Microblog – March 21-27, 2011
Megan – Stunningly Beautiful Photos by Otto Fu from Faye’s March 11 HK Concert
fayenothuman – ‘Vacation’ from a Phenomenal Angle
Deb – Has Faye Released a New Album?
Vikki – Faye Concert Photos at Facebook!
Joyce & Vikki – Faye Sang ‘Vacation’ in Her HK Concert!
Vikki – Faye Performed a New Version of ‘Colour Blind’!
Didar’s Videos from Faye’s HK Concert!
Vikki and Chelsea – Faye’s HK-related Selections
Vikki – celsior360′s March 5 HK Videos Are 1080p
away~ ‘MV’ and ‘Guardian Angel’ Videos from March 6 HK Concert!
y.A.S.d. – Lideedesignlifestyle’s March 4 HK Videos!
Vikki – jgsilvu’s Videos from Faye’s March 6 HK Concert
Lin Xi Visits Faye Backstage on March 6
Didar – Attended All 3 Faye HK Performances!
Megan – Fab Joleye Photos from March 4 HK Concert!
Faye’s HK Concert – A New Song!
Vikki – Faye’s HK Opening a Success!
Deb – What Is Faye’s Beauty Routine and Diet?
Chelsea – Faye in Rehearsal for HK Concert!

February 2011
ee – Faye Concert in Singapore – Oct. 2011!
Veggieg – A Better Version of ‘Heart Sutra’
Chelsea – A Rare Faye Song?
Faye Records Brief Tunes in Her Blog
Faye in Film Awards Spoof to Promote ‘Eternal Moment’
Faye at Yapeng’s Beijing ‘Eternal Moment’ Premiere
Away~ Faye’s Entire Interview – 81 Minutes

January 2011
Away~ Faye’s Photos on Facebook!
y.A.S.d. – Complete Video of Faye’s Jan. 9 Interview!
y.A.S.d. – Another Version of the Jan. 9 Interview
Cejan – English Translation of the 5 Video Clips of Faye’s Jan. 9 Interview
Lonely Teacher – MP3 of the Taipei Concert
Away~ Despite Danger in Mid-Air, Faye Sings On!
Bye-Bye Taipei! – Faye Leaves for Home
Away~ Taiwan Concert Versions of ‘Chesspiece’ and ‘Devotion’
Vicki and Na Ying in Taipei to Attend Faye’s Concert
Cejan – The Lady in Blue
Chelsea – Faye’s Taiwan Concert Song List?
Faye Wong – Seeing Me, Seeing You
Faye Wong Arrives in Taiwan – Jan. 18
Chelsea – Snippets of Nov 9 Interview
chris.swee – Faye Is Working on a New Album!
Faye Wong – The Most Beautiful Woman in the World!
Raymond Chua – Faye Offered RM5mil for a New Album
Chelsea – New Song by Faye Wong!
Chelsea – Jan 9, 2011 Faye Photos and Video
Video from Faye’s 2004 Shanghai Concert
Wubing – Faye Wong’s Nuyou Photos
Didar’s Videos from Faye’s Nov. 6 Concert
Faye Wong’s 2011 Tour Schedule
Happy Birthday, Tong Tong!

December 2010
Faye, Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas, Faye!
Hong Kong Concerts March 4-6!
Chelsea – Huge Hi-Res Faye Photos
Chelsea – Comment on Rumor and More Faye Photos
Deb: Rumor About Faye and Her Drummer
Chelsea – ‘Sporadic’ from the Nov 26 Shanghai Concert

November 2010
Photos from Faye’s Nov 30 Concert
Chelsea – ‘You Are in My Heart’ from Nov 26 Concert
Yvan – At Faye’s Nov 26 Shanghai Concert!
Faye in Hong Kong on Nov 24
Yan at Faye’s Nov 26 Shanghai Concert
Chelsea – More Beautiful Faye Photos!
Videos from Faye’s Nov 20 Shanghai Concert
Chelsea – HD Pics from Faye’s Nov 19 Concert
Faye’s Nov 19 Opening in Shanghai – Fabulous!
Faye’s Shanghai Concert Tonight, Nov 19, 8PM
Faye and Tong Tong Video – Aug 25, 29
Chelsea – Faye Is More Beautiful Than Ever Before!
Away~ HQ Video of Faye’s Last Song
Hong Kong Concerts in March 2011!
Faye’s Return Is a Total Success!
Faye and Friends Celebrating After Concert
Eason Chan Visits Faye at Her Concert
Na Ying and Chen Yao at Faye’s 4th Concert
Chelsea – Faye Pics on Zing’s Microblog
Vikki – See Faye in Katie ’s Microblog
Wubing – Faye Wong on ICON Magazine Cover!
Vikki – Faye Feels Her First 3 Concerts Were ‘Okay’
The Angel Has Landed!
Sarah – For All of Faye’s Concert Videos . . .
Li Yapeng, Li Yan and Tong Tong at Oct 30 Concert
Carina at Faye’s Oct 31 Concert

October 2010
Candid Backstage Photos of Faye on Oct. 29
Faye 2010 Concert – The Rebirth Segment
Faye 2010 Concert – The Summer Segment
Faye 2010 Concert Tour – News Videos
Faye ‘Sky’ High in Beijing Premiere!
Faye Wong – ‘Legend’ Reborn – Oct 29, 2010
y.A.S.d. – ‘I Need to Cry – So Beautiful’
y.A.S.d. – Photos from Faye’s First Concert!
Li Yan’s First Official Photo from Faye’s Microblog
Chelsea – List of Possible Songs for Faye’s 2010 Concert
3 Days Before the Opening Concert – Faye Is Relaxed and Excited
Chelsea – Faye in October ‘Numero’
Chelsea – Faye in November ‘Bazaar’!
Wubing – Faye’s 2011 Taiwan Concert Promo
Faye Rehearsing for Oct 29 Opener in Beijing
Recent Photos of Faye – Oct or Sep 2010
Rumors – HK Concert? A Third Child?
Faye Sings and Dances!

September 2010
Zachary Lin Zhao – Faye & Vicki Sing ‘He Doesn’t Love Me’
Will Faye Perform in Singapore, Malaysia, Tokyo?
Faye Wants to Hold a Concert in HK!
Rare Video – 1990 Faye Duet with Jiang Zhiguang
Yan Kiat – Faye Will Perform in Taiwan Jan 21-23, 2011
Raint – Academic Article on Faye
Faye Wong’s ‘Elle’ Spread – Sep. 2010
Rare Photo – Faye, Na Ying and Friends
Cejan – Theme Song from ‘Eternity’
In T-shirt and Jeans – Faye Is Hot!
Faye Photos – 2 Sep. 2010

August 2010
Tong Tong Sings, Live!
Faye Wong: The Face of an Angel!
Faye at ‘Angel Tour 2010′ Launch
Veggieg’s Microblog Posts
Wubing – Faye’s Royal Wind Official Launch in September
Faye on Aug 8, Poses with and Signs Autographs for Fans
Faye Live 1994 ‘Exit’
Pics of Faye Posing for Sept 2010 Elle
Happy Birthday, Faye!
Faye on Elle Sept. 2010 Cover
Faye and Carina Celebrate Their Birthdays in Shanghai
Faye in Hong Kong – 3 Aug 2010
Faye at Dai Sicong’s Funeral on Aug. 3

July 2010
Close-ups of Faye on July 19
Rare – Faye Singing ‘My Funny Valentine’
Faye and Li Yapeng – Relaxing Night Out
Faye’s Press Conference 19 July 2010
Faye Concerned About Her Former Teacher
More Recent Faye Photos
Faye to Appear at July 19 Press Conference
How to Buy Tickets to Faye’s Concerts?
Faye’s Photo Shoot in Paris – Late June 2010
Faye’s 2010 Concert Posters
Faye Is in Paris!
‘Elle’ Is the Winner for Faye’s Sept. Cover

June 2010
Is Faye Really Tweeting As ‘veggieg’?
Faye and LYP – Relaxing with Film Crew in June 2010
Faye’s Concert Scheduled for Beijing Oct 29-31, Nov 5-6
Deb – Japanese Version of Chanel
Faye in HK – 17 June 2010
Neville – How I Discovered Faye!
Deb – When Faye Returns with a New Album . . .
Taiwan TV Special on Faye’s Career
Dan – Faye’s ‘Legend’ EP
Rare 1991 Video – Faye with Softhard
1997 HK Billboard Gold for Top Female Singer
Wubing: Faye’s 3rd Royal Wind Commercial
MVs from Faye’s 1993 Album ‘No Regrets’
Faye and Aaron Kwok 1993: ‘Endless Love for You’

May 2010
Faye in ‘The Best Voice’ Video
Neville – Faye’s ‘Forgiveness’ Video
Rare Faye Song – ‘Last Christmas’
Deb and Chelsea: Background Music for Zing Video
The Most Beautiful Woman: Video of Faye’s Makeup Session
Faye Was in Singapore to See Vicki
Chelsea – Zing Makeup Photo 5.14.10
A Photo from Faye’s Royal Wind Ad – April-May 2009
Video of Faye’s 2000 Concert in Australia
Raint – Power Station’s Version of ‘Ni Kuai Le’

April 2010
Faye at Eason’s Concert on 30 April 2010
Danny – Info on Video with Faye, Leon, et al.?
Deb – Emmy the Great Covering Faye’s ‘One Person, Two Roles’
Songs We’d Like to Hear in Faye’s 2010 Concerts
Dan – Faye’s Yushu Quake Relief Videos
Faye in Yushu Quake Relief Program
Rare Video – ‘Eyes on Me’ on Japan TV
Rare Video – ‘Separate Ways’ on Japan TV
Faye to Appear in April 20 Earthquake Relief Live Show
Costumes, Makeup, Hairdo, Shoes for Faye’s 2010 Concerts?
Faye in ‘2046′ – Magical Beauty
Songs You’d Like Faye to Sing in Her 2010 Concerts?
Spacewoman Hoax: To Delete the Post or Not?
Faye in HK Filming MV
‘What’s Up?’ Faye’s 1994 Cover of 4 Non Blondes’ Hit
Faye’s Hot New 2010 Promotional Photos!
Wubing – Deleted Scenes from Chungking Express

March 2010
Faye Shopping in Hong Kong – Mid-March 2010
Hannah – Looking for Singapore Fayenatics
March 18 – Faye in HK to Shop
Faye Video 17 March 2010
Faye, Yan, and LYP on 5 March 2010
Faye Is ‘Busy’ Writing Songs for Her New Album
Rare Concert Video – Mini with Long Leather Boots
Faye’s First Concert on Oct 22 in Beijing [updated 3.3.10]

February 2010
Year 2000 CCTV Spectacular – Rare Video
Dan: High-Definition Video of Faye’s ‘Legend’
Dan & Hubert: Better Versions of Faye’s ‘Legend’ MP3
MP3 of Faye’s ‘Legend’ Live on CCTV
13 Feb. 2010 – Faye Is Back!
CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2010 Program
Hubert: Faye’s Spring Festival Rehearsal Video!
Katie Confirms Faye’s 2010 Concerts
Faye Shopping for Clothes – 7 Feb 2010
Faye’s ‘Seasonal Gale’ with Erhu – Rare 1993 Live Performance
Dan – Faye’s Rehearsal Version of ‘Legend’
Deb: Mystery MV for ‘If You Were Fake’

January 2010
Will Faye Attend Chen Kun’s Feb 4 Concert?
Kim, Yu, Rich88faye: SARS 2003 MV
Faye to Sing ‘Legend’ at the 2010 Spring Festival Gala
Faye and Tong at Wedding, 24 Jn 2010
23 Jan 2010 – Faye at Yang Lan’s Store Opening
Faye on Her Way to Carina’s Place, 22 Jan 2010
Faye in Shanghai 21 Jan 2010
Faye’s Concert in Shanghai in November 2010
Wubing – Faye Mystery Photo
Faye Shopping 19 Jan 2010
Five Rare Faye MVs from Nobita813
Faye’s Latest TV Commercials for Four Seasons Moisturizer
Rare Video: ‘Bride with White Hair 2′ – Theme Sung by Faye
Good Friends Concert Video – 72 Minutes
Faye’s Video Statement on ‘Confucius’
y.A.S.d. – ‘Confucius’ Theme Song!
Dan: 25-second Version of Faye’s ‘You Lan Cao’
Rare 1993 Video: Faye’s See-Through Dress
Faye to Sing Theme Song for ‘Confucius’
y.A.S.d. – New SmileAngel 2009 Video
Two Rare Videos: Faye’s Pineapple ‘Do

December 2009
Happy New Year, Faye!
Faye at Na Ying’s New Year’s Eve Concert
1999 Japan Concert Videos
Faye’s Best Wishes to Chen Kun
Merry Christmas!
Faye Wins 2 Press Awards
More from Sweet Angel 2009
More Photos from Sweet Angel 2009
Photos from Sweet Angel 2009 Fundraiser
Photos from Faye’s Dec 2009 Ad
Wubing: Faye’s 2nd Royal Wind Commercial
Faye and Yan on a Walk in the Park – 7 Dec 2009
Sweet Angel Fund 2009 Dinner in Beijing, Dec 18
Faye May Perform in 2010 Spring Festival
Stills from a New Faye Commercial?
Faye in Hong Kong – 1 Dec 2009
November-December 2009 Photos of Faye!

November 2009
Faye Comeback Concerts in October 2010?
1992 – Rare TV Interview for ‘Coming Home’
Faye’s ‘Les Rues de Paris’
Raymond Chua: Rumor of $90 Million Offer
Faye’s 1997 Live Performance of ‘Lake Waves’

October 2009
Photos 27 Oct 2009
Faye Wong and Sally Yeh Duet — ‘Never Give Up’
Faye’s Radical Approach to Fashion
Faye and Yan at Wedding
Faye and Sandy – 1992 Revolving Mike Performance
Anaesthesia Remix – Rare Bonus Track from Japan Release

September 2009
Yan Kiat – Faye’s Rare 1994 Videos: ‘Cold War’ and ‘I’m Willing’
Faye Wong Photos – September 2009
Faye Wong Photo – August 2009
Dan – Female Celebrities Poll – Vote for Faye!

August 2009
Faye’s 1998-99 Scenic Tour DVD!
Dan – Vote for Faye – China’s Most Influential Celebrity!
Mark – Faye in New York in 1991
Rumor: Faye to Star in ‘Journey to the West’
Wubing & Faye – A Birthday Dream!
Zach – Photos from Faye’s B’day Celebration!
More Photos from Faye’s Aug 3 HK Shoot
Happy Birthday, Faye!
Zach – Leaked Photos from Faye’s Rumored New Ads
Dancing Queen Video – Complete
Faye Shopping in HK – 3 Aug 2009 Photos

July 2009
Faye and Li Yan Photos 29 July 2009
yk042 – Rare Video of Faye Performing ‘Everything’ in 1990
Jill – Faye Recording ‘Idiot’ in 2001
Mysticaldodo – Faye and Christianity?
Zach – Report Says Faye’s Coming Back!
‘I’m Willing’ – From Faye’s 1994 MV
Faye’s 1999 Pepsi TV Commercials
Delirium-Zer0: Faye MVs Download Blog
Faye’s Royal Wind TVC – The Queen
Jill – Faye’s Head & Shoulders TVC
Faye Photos on 4th of July
Faye Wong – June 2009 Photos
Jill – Faye’s 1994 Interview with Tao Zi
New Video – Clips from Faye’s H&S Commercial
Kim – Sources Say Faye Is Coming Back!

JUNE 2009
June 2009 Photo of Faye Wanted!
Rare MV – Faye’s First Track in Her First Album Deb – ‘The True Story of Faye Wong’
Deb – Faye’s 1995 Tribute to Teresa
‘The True Story of Faye Wong’ – Videos
Yan Kiat – Rare 1996-97 Faye Videos
‘The True Story of Faye Wong’ – New Release
‘To Love’ – Golden Melody Awards Best Song in Last 20 Years
The Accident Video!
Faye’s Shampoo Ads at the Mall
Car Accident: Was LYP Driving?
Faye’s 1994 Virgin Atlantic TV Commercials
1993 Mild Seven Music Festival Video – Rare Songs
1992 Faye Wong and Sandy Lam Duet – ‘Cold War’
Yan Kiat – RARE VIDEO! Faye Wong 1991
1993 – ‘Dancing Queen’ – Faye, Sally & Sandy
yk042 – Faye Wong and Chang Fei
1997 – Faye Signs with EMI
Faye Drives Tong Tong to School

MAY 2009
Faye and Dou Wei 14 Feb 1997
Faye Is Asia’s Sexiest Vegetarian Female Artist!
Priceless Faye Treasures from yk042
Faye Wong Is Back
What Do You Think of Faye’s TV Ads?
At Last – A Glimpse of Faye Wong’s TV Ads!
More Photos of Faye’s TV Ad
Photos of Faye in Queen’s Gold
Dan: ‘Heart Sutra’ MP3 – Best Audio!
Faye to Star in Film ‘Tangshan Earthquake’
Faye’s Shampoo Ad Is the ‘First Step’ Back
‘No Regrets (MBM)’ and ‘Restless’ – 1996 TV Promo
Faye’s Face on Gong Li’s Body
A Preview of Faye’s Upcoming Ad
Gunter: Video – Faye’s Heart Sutra May 8
Video: Faye in Chengdu May 10
Faye Arrives at Chengdu Airport on May 10
Chun: What Will Faye’s Music Be Like When She Returns?
Faye Performs at Famen Temple on May 8
Faye in the Lead – World’s Sexiest Vegetarian
Faye Wong to Sing ‘Heart Sutra’ on May 9
Wubing: CKE – Criterion Collection
Are These Samples of Faye’s New Shampoo Ads?
Faye’s 1999 J-Phone Ads
Faye Wong in Hong Kong on May 4
Rare Song at Beijing ‘98 Concert – ‘Rhetoric’
Faye’s Beijing Concert 1998
‘Still Waiting Again’ 1990

APRIL 2009
Faye and Na Ying with Lin Jun Jie
Taiwan Promo for ‘Faye Wong 1997′
Best of Faye Wong
Faye’s 1992 MV – Miss You Night and Day
Peppar’s Best of Faye Wong
Delirium-Zer0’s Best of Faye Wong
y.A.S.d.’s Best of Faye Wong
Faye Wong at the Blue Harbor in Mid-April
Raymond Chua’s Best of Faye Wong
Dan’s Best of Faye Wong
Raint’s Best of Faye Wong
‘Faye Wong Today’ 1st Anniversary – April 27
‘Repayment’ MV – One of the Best
Video Clip from Faye’s 2000 Commercial
Faye’s Shampoo Commercial . . .

MARCH 2009
Faye in Hong Kong – March 25
Wubing: Faye May Be in a Shampoo Commercial!
Faye Shopping March 2009 – Video
Faye Candid ‘Chinese Odyssey 2002′ Scenes
Faye Wong With or Without Makeup
Kim: Desperately Looking for Other Rare Songs
Discussion on “If You Were Mine”
More March 7 Faye Wong Media
Faye Wong on 7 March 2009
Who Is This – Singing ‘If You Were Mine’?
Wubing: Faye Wong’s Handprint
Wubing: ‘Sex Commandment DJ008 Remix’
‘Last Christmas’ – A Rare Song by Faye
Faye, Tong, Yan, & Friends – 28 Feb 2009

Kim: Questions About Rare Faye Songs
‘Do Dak Ta’ Live in 1994 Concert!
Perth Tour Music Special 1993 – Faye & Tony
Faye Wong’s ‘Anaesthesia’ MV
Faye Wong’s ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ – Longer Version
Four New Posts on Feb 21
Four ‘New’ Faye Wong Songs!
Ch. V 2003 Most Distinguished Award
Faye Wong and Emil Chau – 1994 Duet
Faye Wong’s ‘Hero’ Bonus Track
Faye and Vicki on Feb 10 – More
Faye Wong and Vicki Zhao on Feb. 10
ZYD’s 2009 Remix of Faye’s ‘I Love You’
What’s Stalling Faye Wong’s Return?
Faye Celebrates Spring Festival
Faye at Sanya Seaside Resort
Zhang’s New Faye Song Is ‘I Love You’

Tong Tong Is 12!
Happy New Year! (新年快乐!)
Wubing: Happy New Year!
Faye Wong’s ‘Cute Eyes’ MV
Faye Playing Volleyball
Wubing: Faye’s Autograph?
Faye Wong – More Jan. 12 Photos
Faye Wong and Family – Shopping on Jan. 12

Faye Videos – New Year’s Eve
Faye – More New Year’s Eve Photos
Faye – New Year’s Eve 2008
Faye Feasting on Crab Legs

Faye Is a Role Model
Faye at the 2004 Golden Melody Awards
Deb at Faye’s ‘98 HK Concert!
Faye Out Shopping on Dec. 9
‘Beijing Welcomes You’ Live – 2008 Olympics
‘Beijing Welcomes You’ MV – 2008 Olympics
Sidebar Widgets Were Accidentally Deleted by WordPress
Faye Wong & Aaron Kwok – Skylight Infinite
#10 at Faye’s ‘98 HK Concert!

Faye Wong – An Angel in White
Videos – Faye & LYP in Lhasa Nov 28
Faye and LYP on Her Return
Faye in Lhasa Nov 28 – Photos III
Video 2 – Faye in Lhasa, Nov 27
Faye in Lhasa Nov 28 – Photos II
Faye in Lhasa Nov 28 – Photos
Video – Faye in Lhasa, Nov 27
Faye in Lhasa Nov 27 – Photos II
Faye in Lhasa Nov 27 – Photos
Video – ‘Hypnotize’ and ‘Wheatfields’
Faye’s Favorite Dish
Survey: Been to a Live Faye Concert?
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Earthquake Death Toll at 155,740 as of May 23
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‘You Are in My Heart’ – A Visual Masterpiece
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Faye Wong and Tong Tong on April 29

APRIL 2008
More Photos from the Li Jian Apr 29 Performance
Faye Wong at Li Jian’s Promo & Performace
Faye’s CNN Interview 1998
Faye Wong at Yang Kun’s Debut Concert
Faye Wong in 1990
Faye Wong’s Constant Media Frenzy
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LYP and Carina in Smile Angel Promo
Faye Wong’s Closing Song in 1998-99 HK Concert
Faye Wong and Na Ying Visit Chengdu
Will Faye Wong Return?

5 Responses


    not sure if u guys hv this interview. with taiwan tv
    she is super cute!

  2. can someone please tell me the songs when leon lai and wong faye sang in some tvb special I think in 1995. The each sang a song and then a duet. They were both in like gangster costumes. she had like a beaded thing on her head and he had like a 1920’s suit and i believe he had like a oozey or something that he fired for effects…please let me know where i can find that amazing clip and what the songs where! thanks so much

  3. Hi, Tina. You can see this video (Video #3) at:

    There’s an mp3 track for it, too.

    The songs are: Evening wind 晚風/ 夢 Dream (Leon Lai Chorus) – 1994 star-studded Baoliang Yiu

  4. Thanks! feifan! amazing video! I wish they included leon’s solo before wong faye came on. do you know where i can find that clip? also you mentioned an mp3 track? is it on the dvd cd as well? I would love that on my ipod! thanks again!

  5. like to share this with you guys

    faye was recording “idiot”.

    its amazing.

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