At Last – A Glimpse of Faye Wong’s TV Ads!

(Source Sohu 23 May 2009)

(Source Sina 23 May 2009)

Update 25 May 2009 — better quality video:

(Source 25 May 2009)

11 Responses

  1. how come it takes an eternity to load the video -________-

    do i nid some special software to play it?

  2. oh i like her in spiky short hair!!

  3. Hi, Siu. I’m not sure why. It loads quickly in my browser. It could be your connection. Please try to view the video with a different connection. If the problem persists, please let me know.

    Hi, Raint. Yeah, she’s in her familiar avant garde role with that look! Spectacular!

  4. Like all the 3 or 4 images of faye in the ad, hope to see the completed tv ad soon which the media reported to be air at June. Like the background music where faye is in the golden robe, don’t know whether is it also the background music used in the actual ad.

  5. Hope to see her making an album soon….


    I’m sorry for the caps, I just halfway thought this was never going to happen. I am CRAZY excited at the thought of Faye coming back.

    I wonder how many other current rumors are actually true?

  7. Dan, I saw an article, too, about the postponement of the TV ads until late June so I was happy to see this preview. I was afraid I’d have to wait weeks to see the ads. I hadn’t thought about the background music. I hope they’ll try to work Faye’s voice into the ads — preferably singing, but speaking is OK, too. But, yeah, the music dimension ought to be BIG, considering it’s Faye! Re the images, I agree. I think they’re all fabulous. I take back my earlier negative comments about the image director. The comments were based on the first few photos that were leaked to the media.

    Wubing, apparently the albums are still pretty deep in the rumor pile. BTW, what’s her status with Sony? If she did record an album, would it still be with Sony as a part of her earlier agreement? Based on the recent “Heart Sutra,” I’d say with absolute certainty that Faye’s voice is pristine. Absolutely beautiful! When she returns, I think we’re going to see a quality that’s going to blow us all away!

    Delirium-Zer0, DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR THE CAPS! I think we all feel the same way — absolutely crazy about Faye’s return! As the photos became available and the rumors began to gradually solidify into facts, there was still a bit of fear in my mind that the TV ads wouldn’t materialize. But now that the previews are out, I’m totally relieved!

    Re the other rumors: The denials that we’ve gotten from Katie and the producers of the earthquake film have pretty much shut down rumors about an imminent album or film. It looks as though Faye is taking her come back one step at a time. It makes sense. She’s made extremely intelligent decisions about her career throughout her life, and I think we can expect the pattern to continue. Unless there’s a body of new songs that meets Faye’s consistently high personal standards, I have a feeling the album will take a while longer. I think she needs to get together with some fresh new song writers who are doing things that interest and excite her. Faye’s never satisfied with just dong the same ole same ole. She wants to experiment, learn, try new things, and if she likes the results, she’ll take us along for the ride. The question is: Are there any hot new songwriters out there? With a new sound that appeals to Faye?

    A film, though, may come sooner, that is, IF the right script comes along. Again, Faye doesn’t make dumb decisions. She knows quality and what’s best for her. I’m thinking that nothing short of a Wong Kar-wai blockbuster with a “new” male lead, perhaps someone like Edison Chen or even Nic Tse, would tempt her back to the screen. The script would have to be fabulous, and the part would have to allow Faye to be Faye.

  8. Sorry , i would like to say something off-topic not on these ad, but about faye’s new album, if there is one, i read an article recently where the reporters asked lin xi how he feel about faye’s comeback, will he continues to write lyrics in her next album? Lin Xi said he’d love to write lyrics for faye, even if she doesn’t ask for it, he will knock on her door himself and offer the lyrics.

  9. Dan, Lin Xi and Zhang Ya Dong owe their careers to Faye, and the three of them together (the iron triangle) have created magic. I’ll bet if they got together for a few months, they’d create unbelievable songs. I wish Lin Xi and/or ZYD would take the initiative and contact Faye with new ideas.

  10. I prefer only lin xi continue to contribute in the new album, i hope faye get rid of zhang ya dong, in term of music arrangement, i like c.y.kong and adrian chan and zhou guang bing(he arranged a few songs in chang you album ) more, as for album producer, i prefer faye+alvin leong, or even if zhang ya dong wants to work with faye on her new album, i hope he just write a few songs, maybe 1-3 is enough, and please don’t let him produce the whole album.

  11. Dan, I can understand where you’re coming from. Without Faye, ZYD’s work seems to be mediocre, and with Faye, it may be too predictable. Ideally, all of them would work closely with Faye and contribute something.

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