ZYD’s 2009 Remix of Faye’s ‘I Love You’

The MP3 audio below is a rip from the audio-only video uploaded to YouTube by yk042 on 7 Feb. 2009. The upload runs 9:21, but it includes both the 2009 remix and the 2002 OST. The remix (and rip below) alone runs about 5:16.

Update 2 March 2009: A better version ripped from a YouTube video uploaded by Insecurity on 26 Feb 2009:

Update 21 March 2009: From the album, Underflow 潜流 (Feb. 2009)

zyd_undercurrentFor those who aren’t familiar with this song, please see “Zhang’s New Faye Song Is ‘I Love You’” and “Rare Songs – I Love You” for background info.

The title of the song, sung by Faye Wong (王菲), is “I Love You” (我爱你, Wo Ai Ni), and it’s from the closing soundtrack of Zhang Yuan’s (张元) 2002 film by the same name. This remix is by Zhang Ya Dong (张亚东), from the album Qian Liu (Undercurrent), which was released on 1 Feb. 2009.

There’s a weird male vocal toward the end, and I’m wondering if it’s ZYD or inserted by someone as a joke.

3 Responses

  1. the male voice sounds like a monk chanting…

  2. Thanks for this website, i like it very much….

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