Faye Comeback Concerts in October 2010?

According to China News Net (20 Nov. 2009), Hong Kong and Taiwan record company executives are claiming that Faye Wong (王菲) will be staging a series of comeback concerts in October 2010. She will receive 50 million yuan for performances in ten stadiums in cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. Katie Chen (陈家瑛), Faye’s agent, is reported to have confirmed this news. When asked for details about time and place, she replied, “It’s still under study.”

Update 22 Nov. 2009: Chengdu Daily’s Zhang Shihao (张世豪)reported today that the comeback will be staged in Shanghai and Beijing, with five performances in each. Their reporter spoke with Faye’s agent, Katie, who said, “Indeed, we are talking about it. It is proceeding smoothly.” When asked what form the return would take, she said, “It may be a concert.” She also said that the event will not be in October. The date has not been finalized.

Happy Birthday, Faye!

faye_bday2Faye’s birthday is on the 8th of August! Looks like she’ll be celebrating with good friends such as Vicki and Carina. Please take a moment to add your birthday greeting! Post it as a comment to this message. If you want to add a “card” in JPG format, let me know the URL and I’ll download and post it.

Froggie, on August 5th, 2009 said:
still looking fayebulous ;) Love ya’ long time~ *muacks*~

Zach, on August 5th, 2009 said:
Happy birthday, Faye! =)

Feifan, on August 5th, 2009 said:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FAYE! I’m so happy to see that you’re beginning to resume part of your career. I’m looking forward to your return to recording and performing as well as acting in films. Miss you very much!

Yan Kiat (yk04_2), on August 5th, 2009 said:
Happy birthday Faye!
Your talent and all the classic songs will never been forgotten. =)

Nick, on August 6th, 2009 said:
Faye, you really are an inspiration for more people than you realise. Thanks for always being there in the most beautiful music I have heard. Only you can break that standard and I really hope you will do this soon. Happy Birthday. Love, Nick.

Raint, on August 6th, 2009 said:
Happy Birthday! You surely must know tt you and your music and your legacy are timeless and priceless. But you have no idea how well you and your music served me throughout my life. Wish you great health and peace.

Jeffrey827, on August 7th, 2009 said:
Faye, not sure if you are in Beijing or Hongkong. I pray for you wherever you may be. In less than 3 hours, you will turn to a new decade of your life. I was there some years ago and believe me life does begin. Not sure if you will read this (you should just because how tirelessly Feifan maintains a site that many of us silently follow without posting a message) but if you do please believe that you have a huge base of people who appreciate your music. A new decade? If this is really what you want to do it one more time, we all pray that you will stage a comeback. As my little superstition I am holding the greeting until the clock ticks.

Jess, on August 7th, 2009 said:
Happy Birthday Faye! wish u stay happy and healthy always! really hope u will come back and sing as soon as possible! The world needs your songs!

Dan, on August 7th, 2009 said:
Happy Birthday to Faye!!!
Still waiting for your new album…

y.A.S.d., on August 7th, 2009 said:
40 years finally, I think this age is a very nice age and waited a long time before you finally turned 40! I hope you will release a nice record soon! xxx

Wubing, on August 7th, 2009 said:
Happy Birthday Faye ! Hope to hear your new album soon. All the fans around the world miss you and wishes you only happiness. Cheers.

Sarah, on August 7th, 2009 said:
Happy birthday, Faye! You may be 40 already, but I still love your look and voice! :) May you be happy forever! And whenever you are ready, please sing for us again and make us happy too :P

Wubing, on August 7th, 2009 said:
Feifan, I had just dedicated a post for Faye on my blog today – http://wubing80.blogspot.com/2009/08/happy-birthday-faye-wong.html

Dancing Queen Video – Complete

This is the full-blown Dancing  Queen (飛躍舞台) live TV performance with Faye Wong (王菲), Sally Yeh (葉蒨文), and Sandy Lam (林憶蓮), in Taiwan (台慶),  1993. It was added to YouTube by imchi001 on 17 July 2009. The video quality is excellent, but the audio is slightly out of synch. The version in the recently released “The True Story of Faye Wong” inexplicably omits Sandy.

Here are the songs:
Faye Wong (王菲) – Flow Not Fly (流非飛)
Sally Yeh (葉蒨文) – Tilt (傾斜)
Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) – No Longer Frivolous (不再兒嬉)
Faye Wong – Shock (震撼)
Sally Yeh – Possessed by the Devil (走火入魔)
Sandy Lam – Day the Earth Large (天大地大)
Faye Wong – Heart of the Sun (心裡的陽光)
Sally Yeh – Summer of Love
Sandy Lam – The Letter Itself, chorus (信自己, 合唱)

Mysticaldodo – Faye and Christianity?

mysticaldodo, on July 25th, 2009 said:


I’ve always wondered about this.

Did she dabbled (can’t think of a better word…sorry :( ) with Christianity once? I recalled seeing some Christian imageries during one of her earlier HK Concert (1995)

Thanks! :)

christian[Reply by Feifan] I’ve always wondered about this, too, especially with the Christian church scenes in her I’m Willing (Wo Yuan Yi) MV. She also wore a huge cross in one of her early TV award appearances. But Faye is a very religious person, a devout Buddhist, so I don’t think the religious symbolism is that far off. The lyrics to Wo Yuan Yi may partially explain the spiritual nature of the video.

Missing thoughts is a very obscure thing
like shadow ~ taking shape of whatever
Silently and breathlessly resurface at the bottom of heart
In a blink of an eye ~ shrouded me in loneliness
I weakly fight against, especially at night
Think of you till breathless
Hate that I can’t immediately sprint towards you
Loudly tell you ~
willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing to forget my name for you
Even if just an extra second in your embrace
No regrets losing the world
I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing to be left at the end of the world for you
As long as you sincerely reciprocate with love
anything (i’m) willing
Anything (i’m) willing for you

si nian shi yi zhong hen xuan de dong xi
ru ying ~ shui xing
wu sheng you wu xi chu mo zai xin di
zhuan yan ~ tun mo wo zai ji mo li
wo wu li kang ju te bie shi ye li
xiang ni dao wu fa hu xi
hen bu neng li jin chao ni kuang ben qu
da sheng de kao shu ni ~
yuan yi wei ni wo yuan yi wei ni
wo yuan yi wei ni wang ji wo xing ming
jiu suan duo yi miao ting liu zai ni huai li
shi qu shi jie ye bu ke xi
wo yuan yi wei ni wo yuan yi wei ni
wo yuan yi wei ni bei fang zhu tian ji
zhi yao ni zhen xin na ai yu wo hui ying
shen me dou yuan yi
shen mo dou yuan yi wei ni


Jill – Faye’s 1994 Interview with Tao Zi

jill, on July 4th, 2009  said:


not sure if u guys hv this interview. with taiwan tv
she is super cute!

‘Last Christmas’ – A Rare Song by Faye

Deb, on 3 March 2009 said:

I totally forgot about Serpentskirt, I love that song!

I wonder how Faye and CT came to work together?

If only Faye came out with another “Restless” album, that would bring a tear to my eye (of joy)!

wham1Oh I just thought of a Rare Song that should be posted. In her 98-99 HK Concert, on Christmas and maybe Xmas Eve too, Faye sang a couple of english songs, one was definitely Last Christmas by Wham. Can we find a recording of this??

* * * * * * * * * *

Reply 3 March 2009: Wow! Last Christmas by Wham! This would definitely be a rare song. I’ve never heard of Faye covering it. I’ve always thought that Faye could do wonders with Christmas songs. She has the perfect voice for them! There must be a recording out there, somewhere, even a very poor one. Or maybe even a video.

[UPDATE 5.22.10: Click here for the video.]

Re Serpentskirt — it’s grown and still growing on me. With every listen, I’m getting a better feel for Faye’s presence and how she impacts the song. I think she makes a world of difference.

Re how she got together with Cocteau Twins — I hope someone will step forward and enlighten us.

cocteau_twins_1984Her first CT cover was “Random Thoughts” (“Bluebeard”) from the album of the same name and, a couple years later, “Fractured” and “Repressing Happiness” in Fu Zao. The following year, in Faye Wong 1997, CT contributed “Amusement Park” and Faye did “Reminiscence,” a cover of CT’s “Rilkean Heart.” There might’ve been more, but that’s all I’m aware of.

They must’ve developed a working relationship. How, I’m not sure. But I’ve read some not-so-nice things from one of the CT members about Faye. My sense is that they’re talented but crass. Well, at least this one member. I don’t think they ever understood or appreciated Faye’s artistry. But I may be wrong. If they’d kept up the collaboration, who knows what heights they might’ve reached together.

Faye Wong and Emil Chau – 1994 Duet

Updated 4/9/14
Here’s a rare and fascinating duet (listen to the audio below) with Faye Wong (王菲) and Emil Chau (周華健 aka Wakin), from a live 1994 appearance in which Faye, Emil, Shirley Kwan (關淑怡), and a fourth singer sang a medley of Chinese and English songs. It was uploaded to YouTube by Dukouchenxi yesterday (20 Feb. 2009). The duet occurs in the faye_emil03:29-05:00 segment so the MP3 runs about 01:30. The video is about 06:36 in length so the duet is just a brief section. Since we’ve all been starving for “new” Faye material, this video upload by Dukouchenxi is a godsend. In the video, you’ll hear some stray noises in the Faye-Emil duet. I removed the worst, a pop, in the MP3.

Updated 4/9/14

Faye Wong’s ‘Hero’ Bonus Track

Thanks to Deb’s heads up, we’re finally getting around to posting an MP3, MV, and lyrics for Zhang Yimou’s (張藝謀) 2002 masterpiece, Hero. Faye Wong (王菲) sings the bonus title track from the OST. Click on the poster image for background info on this film.


Theme Song of Zhang Yi Mou’s Hero

zai hen jiu huo zhe bu jiu yi qian
ren men zai zhuan song
ren ying chong chong
you ren dao xia lai
jiu you ren huo de guang rong

yi ge ren die dao
zhong you pang ren
wei ta er xin tong
ni de ying yong shi ta de can ren
shui neng gou wei suo you ren xiao chong

kan shui kan dong
xiang shui xiang tong
shui dou wang ji le kuan rong
zhi xiang zhe ai ji de ying yong

shui ti zhe deng long
kan zuo kan you
dou you ta ku zhong
jing chi zhi mi wan gu shuo dao di
mei ge ren zhi wei zi ji xiao chong
kan shui cheng gong

wo men deng dai gai bian shi jie de ying xiong
kan shui zai zhui hou cheng gong
ran hong zheng ge tian kong
cheng quan le shui de meng
zhe shi jie xu yao you ren bei ge song

wo men deng dai bao hu zi ji de ying xiong
hong dong hao rang zi ji gan dung
cheng quan ge ren de meng
wo men deng le yi ge you yi ge ying xiong
ran hong le shui tian kong
zhi shi fei le jiao qian wan ren ju gong

(YouTube upload by Insecurity 30 July 2007)


At long time or not so long ago
people were passing legends
Shadows irresolute
When someone falls
someone gets glory

One man falls
there’s people who feel pain for him
your glorious courage is his brutality
who can effect loyalty to all

see who understands
think who thinks clearly
whoever forgets forgiveness
only thinks of own glory

who carries the lamp
look left look right
too has his bitter feelings
insist persist stubborn to the core
everyone only pledge loyalty to self
see who succeed

we wait for a hero that changes the world
see who will succeed in the end
dye the whole sky red
fulfilled who’s dreams
this world needs to extol someone

we wait for a hero that protects oneself
express in action let self be touched
fulfilled one’s dreams
we wait one after another hero
dye red who’s sky
just to make millions people to bow(to self)

[lyrics source: allthelyrics.com]

Faye and Vicki on Feb 10 – More

feb10_2009_01feb10_2009_02feb10_2009_03feb10_2009_04feb10_2009_05feb10_2009_06(Sources: Dayoo, CCTV, Nanfangdaily,Baidu)

Click here to return to original article.

Faye Wong and Vicki Zhao on Feb. 10

Faye Wong (王菲) joined her good friend Vicki Zhao (赵薇 Zhao Wei) to celebrate Chen Kun’s (陈坤) birthday on Feb. 10.

screenhunter_01-feb-10-1210screenhunter_02-feb-10-1210Vigilant reporters note that Vicki’s red handbag is similar to one that Faye has.

screenhunter_03-feb-10-1228(Sources Netease Entertainment and Ent.163)

Related article: Faye and Vicki on Feb 10 – More

ZYD’s 2009 Remix of Faye’s ‘I Love You’

The MP3 audio below is a rip from the audio-only video uploaded to YouTube by yk042 on 7 Feb. 2009. The upload runs 9:21, but it includes both the 2009 remix and the 2002 OST. The remix (and rip below) alone runs about 5:16.

Update 2 March 2009: A better version ripped from a YouTube video uploaded by Insecurity on 26 Feb 2009:

Update 21 March 2009: From the album, Underflow 潜流 (Feb. 2009)

zyd_undercurrentFor those who aren’t familiar with this song, please see “Zhang’s New Faye Song Is ‘I Love You’” and “Rare Songs – I Love You” for background info.

The title of the song, sung by Faye Wong (王菲), is “I Love You” (我爱你, Wo Ai Ni), and it’s from the closing soundtrack of Zhang Yuan’s (张元) 2002 film by the same name. This remix is by Zhang Ya Dong (张亚东), from the album Qian Liu (Undercurrent), which was released on 1 Feb. 2009.

There’s a weird male vocal toward the end, and I’m wondering if it’s ZYD or inserted by someone as a joke.

What’s Stalling Faye Wong’s Return?

I’m sure this question has been on the minds of millions of Faye Wong (王菲) fans throughout the world for the last four years. Since her last No Faye, No Live! concert in Guangzhou on 10 January 2005, the release of the concert album in November 2004, and her To Love (將愛 Jiang Ai) album in November 2003, we have been waiting for a new album or concert performance.

Will 2009 be the year when Faye returns?

I’m not an insider like Katie Chen (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying), Carina Lau (刘嘉玲 Liu Jia Ling), Vicki Zhao (赵薇 Zhao Wei), or Ma Jia (马葭) so I can’t answer this question with any kind of authority, but like most of you, I’ve been following her career very closely and have a number of thoughts on what may be keeping Faye from returning to her performing career.


(Photo source: 7_70)

There are a number of clues that might, together, provide an explanation:

Clue 1. Faye isn’t motivated by money. She never has been and probably never will. Thus, multimillion dollar offers may not have the appeal that it does for most people.

Clue 2. She’s not staying away because of the children, Tong Tong (竇靖童 Dou Jingtong) and Li Yan (李嫣), as many believe. Yes, she loves them and enjoys caring for them, but in the past, she resumed her career almost immediately after Tong Tong’s birth.

Clue 3. Since Coming Home in August 1992, every album has been different in the sense that, in each, Faye pushes the envelope, experimenting and trying new things. The point is that her discography since 1992 is a continuous progression, development, or growth. In her last album, Jiang Ai, Faye served as co-producer, with Zhang Ya Dong (張亞東), of the entire album. She also composed and wrote three of the songs, the title track “To Love,” “Leave Nothing” (不留), and “Sunshine Dearest” (陽寶), and she composed the music for “April Snow” (四月雪).

Clue 4. She’s not resting, as many seem to believe. Faye has tremendous energy and strength, and the reason for her absence from the limelight isn’t physical.

Clue 5. She’s not being restrained or held back by her husband, Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), as some believe. In fact, LYP is her biggest fan and would want nothing better than to see and hear Faye perform once again. However, to his credit, he’s leaving the decision solely in her hands.

Clue 6. Faye hasn’t lost her voice as some speculate. Her voice and talents are part of her DNA, and she can’t lose what’s a natural part of her. Also, her 18 May 2008 earthquake relief live performance with Faith Yang ( 杨乃文, Yang Nai Wen), Eason Chan (陈奕迅, Chen Yi Xun, ), and Aniu (阿牛) in “Wishing We Last Forever” demonstrated to the world that her voice is as beautiful as ever.

Clue 7. She hasn’t lost her looks. All one has to do is look at her recent photos and videos. She is absolutely gorgeous!

Clue 8. Faye isn’t restless, and this is a major reason, I think, for her reluctance to reignite her career. In the past, her creative juices flowed when she was restless or impatient. It’s almost as though she’s driven by an inner force that only she can feel — a force that can be released only through creative expression in music.

Clue 9. She hasn’t seen or heard anything in the current music scene to spark her creative energies. There’s no modern day equivalent of Teresa Teng (鄧麗君 Deng Lijun) or Cocteau Twins to inspire her. And her former collaborators, Zhang and Lin Xi (林夕), as well as C. Y. Kong, Dou Wei (竇唯), and Nic Tse (谢霆锋 Xie Tingfeng), haven’t been working with her to create new material.

Clue 10. Faye has never said that she’s retired or retiring from her career. And this is perhaps the most important clue. She’s leaving the door open simply because she may want to step into the recording studio when the spirit moves her. There’s no timetable. It’s just a matter of waiting for the right moment to strike, when her adrenaline and restlessness kicks in.

A Likely Scenario for Faye’s Return

So, given these clues, what’s a likely scenario for her return? My guess is that either or both Zhang and Lin Xi will have to make the first move by presenting Faye with new songs or concepts that could be exciting for her. It’ll have to be sufficiently different, new, and edgy, and it’ll have to be something that fits Faye and represents, for her, growth.

These two have collaborated extensively with Faye in the past, and, together, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I’d also toss C. Y. Kong, Dou Wei, and Nic into the mix. Faye brings out the genius in each of these guys, and, together, they could create the kind of music that would stir the restlessness or anxiety within Faye that seeks creative expression in music.

In this scenario, Faye would play many different roles, as she has in the past, when she felt in sync with her collaborators, and these roles will include bouncing off her partners and adding her own touches, including original compositions or lyrics or both.

These individuals, including Faye, intuitively realize that, alone, each can’t grow. It’s only in collaboration that they can transcend the limits of their own talents and create music that’ll take them and the entire industry to a whole new level.

So, how do we get this ball rolling? I’d say that someone has to take the initiative, the first step. And from where I’m sitting, the most likely candidate for this task is Katie. She has the personality, the power, and the talent to bring people together. She needs to make this happen by contacting the individuals and asking them to work with Faye to take up where she left off in 2005.

The goal would definitely not be to do an oldies-but-goodies rehash of past hits. Instead, it would be to continue the growth that stopped in 2005, to take the next step into a new and different sound that is purely Faye Wong.

Zhang’s New Faye Song Is ‘I Love You’

The long-awaited Zhang Ya Dong (张亚东) album that was supposed to include a new song by Faye Wong (王菲) was finally released on Feb. 1, Sunday. The album title is Qian Liu (Undercurrent), and the title of the “new” song is “I Love You” (我爱你, Wo Ai Ni). Obviously,  it’s not new. It’s from the closing soundtrack of Zhang Yuan’s (张元) 2002 movie by the same name. However, according to the music label Taihe Rye, the song has been rearranged.

In his Aug. 27 comment re the new song, y.A.S.d. said, “It is only interesting if this song is not the ‘wo ai ni’ song we already got from the soundtrack oO.” Well, looks as though y.A.S.d. had it right — it is “I Love You.” The audio below is from the film — not from Zhang’s latest album.

Interestingly, sources report that the album has been released in digital format only, i.e., it’s not on CD. I’d like to have confirmation on this.

UPDATE 7 Feb. 2009. Comment by Anonymous:


i believe this is the version. Take a look from 2.30-2.50

[Feifan: The MP3 was taken from the YouTube version, uploaded by AnternetChannel on 18 Jan. 2009. Thanks Anonymous. This YouTube version sounds like the OST above.]

Faye Playing Volleyball

Here’s a clip of  Faye Wong (王菲) playing volleyball. It was extracted from a video that’s been making the rounds in the media the last few days. I’ve seen a longer version of this event in a different video. I’ll search YouTube for it and post when I find it.

I’m not sure about the date. I’d guess 2003 or 2004, but I may be way off. If you know the date, please share it with us.

What I like about videos of Faye playing ball games such as volleyball, basketball, and baseball is the genuine enthusiasm and joy that she has for athletic contests. She gets into it. In a bio, I read that, as a child, playing games with the neighborhood children was an activity that she enjoyed very much, and as an adult, she recalls with some sadness that her mother was very strict in limiting the amount of time she could spend playing with the other kids.

She also has a natural athleticism and quickness that would have made her a formidable player if she had pursued sports instead of a career in entertainment. I’ve read that even now she enjoys playing pingpong with her friends as well as sit-down games such as mahjong.

In a lot of her behind-the-scenes videos, we see her playing all sorts of games and enjoying them very much. I think this playfulness has a lot to do with Faye’s character and why so many are drawn to her. It also explains why she moves so gracefully. She’s good to look at, active, enjoys life, and is fun to hang out with.

We’ve seen Faye in fashion spreads, concerts, films, award ceremonies, media appearances, etc., and she’s China’s leading fashion icon, but I think this video captures the “real” Faye, the Faye that her close friends and family are familiar with. At play in comfortable clothes and no makeup, she is completely herself. Natural, awesome, and beautiful.

Wubing: Faye’s Autograph?

autograph01Wubing, on January 18th, 2009 at 7:43 am said:

. . . By the way Feifan, I just updated my blog with Faye Wong’s autograph, i was wondering should we discuss about her autograph? Sometime I feel she is like writing the word ” FEI ” in chinese, sometime look like “WANG FEI”, yet sometime look like english Faye. What u think?


REPLY Jan. 18: Great idea, Wubing! I’ve always wondered the same thing. I see “Wang Fei” in the Chinese 王菲, but I also see “Faye” in English. I can definitely see the “F,’ “a,” and “y,” and the final letter looks like an “s” but I can see how it could be an “e” in an aesthetic autograph. I love her autograph!

Faye – New Year’s Eve 2008

Faye Wong (王菲) celebrated New Year’s Eve with three girl friends at Beijing’s Jian Guo Men Wai Avenue nightclub, GT Banana. Earlier, she was with Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) at the Chaoyang District 9 Theater. She and her friends left for the nightclub while her husband remained at the theater.

dec31_08cdec31_08b-2011dec31_08adec3_08d(Source Ent.163 and Netease, 1 Jan. 2009)

Click here for a related article.

Faye Is a Role Model

By Deb
16 December 2008

[Editor’s note: This is a slightly edited version of Deb’s comment on “Faye at the 2004 Golden Melody Awards.” It’s a great comment that deserves to be a separate article!]

Ahhh . . . who are these other girls?? Not to be biassed, but . . . p-leeease, how do they even remotely compare to Faye?!?!? I have actually heard of the other girls, but they aren’t even in the same stratosphere as Faye. Kinda weird, lots of emtpy seats, Eason Chan and the guy who claps (dunno his name) look really bored.

Could someone translate what Faye said, my Mandarin is worse than poor! [Click here for the video.]

genuineRemembering all the award shows especially in the ’90s, Faye has NEVER enjoyed them and never placed much importance in the results. I think this sentiment is generally shared by many credible/talented artists. Good actors usually say they’d rather win the Actor’s Guild award than a Globe because it is voted by your peers, so it’s a recognition of your skill, effort and inspiration and not a popularity contest. Asian music awards are much more contrived than the western equivalents, it’s purely based on popularity and much of the results are determined by which “star” gives more “face” to whoever is running the award show.

There used to be a phrase in the HK pop scene where artists were either in the “Idol group” or the “Talent group.” Basically Idols are just manufactured singers with a pretty face but little talent, and Talents are singers who actually had talent and their sales didn’t rely on them being a pretty face. I used to be a die-hard cantopop fan back in the ’90s, but eventually I realised that so many of them are a bunch of fakes. After this many years, I have found that only Faye gives me a true sense of inspiration and talent, and I have admiration for her as an artist and a person. I must admit that Faye had a profound effect on me as a young woman, she was a role model to me and I learnt to not worry about what others thought of me, as long as I tried my best and did what I love, that’s all that matters.

Faye at the 2004 Golden Melody Awards

In this video, Faye Wong (王菲) accepts the award for Best Female Artist at Taiwan’s 15th Annual Golden Melody Award, 8 May 2004. This video is especially significant because it captures Faye uttering the now famous line in her brief acceptance speech: “I can sing songs. This I know. Now that the Golden Melody judges have given me their approval, I approve of their approval.”

Faye was up against Singapore’s Tanya Chua (蔡健雅), Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), and Malaysia’s Fish Leong (梁静茹) and Penny Tai (戴佩妮). For a sense of the regard that the entertainment establishment has for Faye, note the portion in which the nominees are interviewed prior to the awards. The interviewer remains standing when she interviews the different stars. However, when she gets to Faye, she sits in the aisle so that she’s at Faye’s level and not standing over her. Also, Faye is alone, among the nominees, and she’s in the first row while the others are grouped in the second row.

This deference underscores Faye’s stature in the business. She is special. Without equal.

About her words, I believe they can be interpreted in different ways. One is that she’s insolent and disrespectful. But I don’t buy this interpretation. I believe Faye is simply stating a fact: a singer’s success isn’t manufactured by awarding bodies. Instead, they’re earned by the singers and their supporting artists through hard work, creativity, skill, and inspiration. From her perspective, the awarding groups are audacious in their attempts to pass judgment over performers. And this is the attitude that Faye is speaking against. Thus, in a very real sense, she’s telling all the other artists not to accept the judgment of the Golden Melody Award voters that they’re less than winners. And in doing so, she’s also saying that the award doesn’t make her superior to others.

The key to Faye’s personality is that she’s genuinely egalitarian and sees all people as fellow human beings.

(Source: YouTube, Reonsu, 8 Dec 2008)

Deb at Faye’s ‘98 HK Concert!

Deb, on 10 December 2008, said:

It [the stills below] was during the song “Bored” which I think was the 3rd song of the night [New Year’s Eve/Day 1998/1999 concert at HK Coliseum], so if you go to that song, when Faye [Wong (王菲)] walks around the perimeter of the stage (it is actually a travellator that moves around during her “Dream Person” and “Dream Walk” songs). But from memory, the editing of “Bored” doesn’t give a clear view of us shaking hands with Faye but you see her take our teddies back to centre stage and puts them down.

I was completely shocked when I saw myself on the DVD, could not believe my luck and would have to be my biggest claim to fame!

To be honest, I was so excited and had so much adrenalin at the time that it was all a big blur! So the video helps me remember what actually happened! I remember more about the moments leading to it, my friend and I looking at each other saying “oh my god, she’s coming over, should we go? will we get into trouble? should we wait?!?!” In a split second my legs decided to make a run for it and I think I actually left my friend up in our aisle seats (very convenient) and she had to catch up to me! The security guard was still sitting down in the aisle on the bottom step just enjoying the show and I actually leapt over him to get to the fencing – he was more surprised to see me than Faye!

It really was a moment of sheer spontaneity! I’m very happy that I didn’t let that opportunity pass me by!
deb_friend01deb_friend04a[Click here to see the earlier article, “#10 at Faye’s ‘98 HK Concert!,” which includes a video and a photo of Deb and Faye.]

‘Beijing Welcomes You’ MV – 2008 Olympics

Here’s the MV of “Beijing Welcomes You” (北京欢迎你). The video quality is excellent, and each clip features a popular Chinese singer from around the world. So many are squeezed into this short video that, if you blink,  you might miss some of the stars. However, without Faye Wong (王菲), the video seems incomplete, like a movie that’s missing a climax.

The list of stars is long, and includes: Chen Tianjia (陈天佳), Liu Huan (刘欢), Na Ying (那英), Stefanie Sun (孙燕姿), Sun Yue (孙悦), Wang Leehom (王力宏), Han Hong (韩红), Emil Chow (周华健), Gigi Leung (梁咏琪), Yu Quan (羽泉), Jackie Chan (成龙), Richie Ren (任贤齐), Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), Sun Nan (孙楠), Bibi Zhou (周笔畅), Wei Wei (韦唯), Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明), Han Geng (韩庚/한경), Wang Feng (汪峰), Karen Mok (莫文蔚), Tan Jing (谭晶), Eason Chan (陈奕迅), Yan Weiwen (阎维文), Dai Yuqiang (戴玉强), Wang Xia & Li Shuangsong (王霞 李双松), Liao Changyong (廖昌永), Lin Yilun (林依轮), Jang Nara (张娜拉/장나라), JJ Lin & A Do (林俊杰 阿杜), Joey Yung (容祖儿), Chris Lee (李宇春), David Huang (黄大炜), Chen Kun (陈坤), Nicholas Tse (谢霆锋), Han Lei (韩磊), Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄), Tang Can (汤灿), Lin Chiling & Zhang Zilin (林志玲 张梓琳), Jane Zhang (张靓颖), Valen Hsu & Sky Wu (许茹芸 伍思凯), Yang Kun & Christine Fan (杨坤 范玮琪), Chris Yu & Zhou Xiao-ou (游鸿明 周晓欧), Sha Baoliang & Man Wenjun (沙宝亮 满文军), Jin Haixin & Peter Ho (金海心 何润东), F.I.R & Pang Long (飞儿 庞龙), Kenji Wu & Qi Feng (吴克群 齐峰), 5566 & Anson Hu (5566 胡彦斌), Yumiko Cheng & Dao Lang (郑希怡 刀郎), Ji Jiamin & Tu, Honggang & Wu Tong (纪敏佳 屠洪刚 吴彤), Guo Rong & Liu, Genghong & Tenger (郭容 刘耕宏 腾格尔), Jin Sha & Su, Xing & Wei Jia (金莎 苏醒 韦嘉), Fu Lishan & Huang, Zheng & Jaycee Fong (付丽珊 黄征 房祖名)

(Source: from a video uploaded to YouTube by Zhouzhzh on 27 July 2008)

Faye Wong & Aaron Kwok – Skylight Infinite

This MV of Faye Wong (王菲) and Aaron Kwok (郭富城) singing “Skylight Infinite,” a Pepsi commercial, was made for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. The video and mp3 audio were converted from a video added to YouTube by i0antichrist on 26 Oct 2008. Faye looks fabulous!

Added 3.11.10: The video below was added to YouTube by lobspc on 11 March 2010.

#10 at Faye’s ’98 HK Concert!

In our most recent survey, “Been to a Live Faye Concert?,” participant #10 (update Dec 8: #10 is Deb!) provided the following responses (see below) to questions 3 and 4. In the 12-second video clip, extracted from the “Opening” of the Faye HK Scenic Tour 98-99 video, we see her giving a teddy bear to Faye Wong (王菲)! The guard is on the left in the photo — too late to stop her. What a moment! Captured forever, with Faye, in what has to be one of Faye’s greatest concert videos, held on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day 1998-99.

3. Please list the concerts you attended, with the locations and dates if you remember them.
*10: Hong Kong 1998/1999 Concert Series – 30th & 31st Dec (I am featured on the VCD/DVD intro since it was filmed on NYE! you see me handing a teddy bear to Faye) Sydney 2000 – it was some time in Sept during my uni “study” break… needless to say, there was not much studying. I’m from Perth so I secretly flew over to Sydney and went to the concert with a friend.

4. Which Faye concert was your favorite? Why?
*10: I suppose it has to be the 31st Dec 1998 concert in HK. I saw the 30th Dec concert with my mum, in the 5th row, but it really wasn’t that much fun being with mum who’s not a fan. But on the 31st, I went with another fayenatic and we went nuts. We knew what the concert format was and knew when Faye would walk around the edge of the stage, so we took a punt at racing down there to shake her hand, it wasn’t the “official” shaking hands time of the concert because it was right at the start of the night, so we completely surprised the security guard and he couldn’t stop us! It was freaking awesome, a dream come true!! You’ll see me in the intro segment of the VCD/DVD, and you might get a glimpse of my friend and I giving Faye the teddy bear and kookaburra (the aussie laughing bird).


Click here to see the survey — view the results and, if you wish, participate in the survey. I will update the results as I receive the reports.

Faye Wong – An Angel in White

In Lhasa, on November 28, Faye Wong (王菲) was an angel in white. The little boy in the photo with Faye and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) has had his life forever changed by the SmileAngel Foundation. In the first photo, we have a Faye smile that we haven’t seen for quite a while. It’s radiant — the true smile angel — reflecting the compassion that she has for children who have much to bear.


faye_angel01(Photo source 21CN)

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Faye in Lhasa Nov 28 – Photos II
Faye in Lhasa Nov 28 – Photos
Video – Faye in Lhasa, Nov 27
Faye in Lhasa Nov 27 – Photos II
Faye in Lhasa Nov 27 – Photos

Videos – Faye & LYP in Lhasa Nov 28

In the the first video, we see Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) visiting with the family of a toddler who has benefited from the SmileAngel fund. In the second, we see them at a hospital visiting with the SmileAngel medical team, hospital staff, young patients and their families. In both of these, we see the kindness and generosity of Faye and LYP. It’s very touching to see the genuine love and care that they have for the children and their parents. I think a very big part of why Faye and her husband are so immensely popular in China (and the rest of the world) is because of their humanity. This is just another extraordinary aspect of Faye that makes her so different from other celebrities and so worthy of respect and adulation.

(Source: Sohu)

(Source: Sohu)

(Source: BB.News.QQ)

In the third video, we see Faye and LYP at the airport, being pursued by the media. In this video, Faye actually speaks with the reporters.

Faye and LYP on Her Return

nov27_231On November 27, Faye Wong (王菲) left Beijing’s Capital Airport at 09:00am. She landed at  Chengdu’s Shuangliu Airport at noon for a brief stopover and, five hours later, arrived at Lhasa’s Gonggar Airport. At Capital Airport, a reporter, a middle-aged man, asked when she will reappear in a concert, and Faye Wong’s answer was, “For the time being, I have no such intention.

In Chengdu, Faye met up with her husband, Li Yapeng (李亚鹏), who flew in from Guangzhou, where he was shooting a film. Together, they flew to Lhasa. (Source Qingdao News 28 Nov 2008.)

200811292351309d077On the 29th, in Guangzhou, after his return from Lhasa, LYP was asked by the media when Wang Fei would resurface. He smiled and said, “You should ask her. Why do you ask me?” However he said afterward, “Actually, I’m also anxiously awaiting her return. As her fan, I’m also anticipating the time when she resurfaces.” A reporter asked whether Faye sang for him at home. He replied, “She sings at home for her daughters.” (Source Netease/Ent163 29 Nov 2008.)

Both Faye’s and LYP’s answers leave the door wide open for Faye’s eventual return. Faye’s “for the time being” is an exceptionally strong indicator that she has not retired and is definitely considering a return. The question is not if but when, and only Faye really knows the answer. She’ll return when she’s ready. And for fayenatics, that’s good enough. But we hope it’ll be sooner rather than later.

Video 2 – Faye in Lhasa, Nov 27

(Source Ent163)

Faye in Lhasa Nov 28 – Photos

More Faye Wong (王菲) and  Li Yapeng  (李亚鹏) SmileAngel photos from the 28th and 27th of November in Lhasa, taken as they toured the hospital and met with patients, their families, and staff.

nov28_01anov28_02anov28_03anov28_04anov28_05(Source: Xinhuanet 28 Nov 2008; first 3, 28th; last 2, 27th)nov28_07nov28_06

(Source: Sina 28 Nov 2008)

Faye in Lhasa Nov 27 – Photos II

Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) arrive at Gonggar Airport in Lhasa on 27 November 2008 at around 3:00 pm. Apparently, this trip to Lhasa with the SmileAngel medical team will stand in for the annual fundraising event. On the 28th, they will visit the site where children are being treated for cleft palate.

Faye in Lhasa Nov 27 – Photos

Faye Wong (王菲) is in Lhasa Prefecture (Tibet region of China) for SmileAngel Fund activities on November 27. She is accompanied by her husband, Li Yapeng (李亚鹏). These are the first photos that are beginning to flood the media. Expect many more!








Faye’s Favorite Dish

Here’s an interesting article that appeared recently. It lists the favorite dishes of popular stars such as Faye Wong (王菲), Chen Zi (陈紫函), Li Yuchun (李宇春), Joey Yung (容祖儿), Li Hunan (李湘), and Carina Lau (刘嘉玲). The theme is the relationship between feminine beauty and food, and the article claims that Faye “is particularly fond of eating fish.” Not surprisingly, Faye leads the list, despite the fact that she hasn’t performed in the last three years. (Except, of course, for the earthquake relief in May.) Faye’s popularity continues unabated, and she reigns as the hottest star in the media.

faye_fish(Source: Photo and information, Sohu, 25 Nov 2008)

Survey: Been to a Live Faye Concert?

Click here to participate in this survey about attending a live Faye Wong (王菲) concert. This survey is for everyone — not just for those who’ve been lucky enough to have seen Faye perform live at one or more of her concerts. I’ll post the results as I receive them. Please use the comments feature for this article to post ideas that weren’t addressed in the survey or to expand on your statements in the survey. Thanks!


1. Have you ever attended a live Faye Wong concert?
YES: 10//
NO: ///

2. If yes, how many Faye concerts have you attended?
1: ///
2-3: 5
4-5: ////
0: ///

3. Please list the concerts you attended, with the locations and dates if you remember them. (Write “NA” if you didn’t attend any.)
*2: 2004-06-02 singapore concert
*3: faye wong concert location-singapore year-1998-99?
*4: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1998? Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2004?
*5: 1) Singapore 2) Hong Kong twice 3) Kuala Lumpur
*6: Singapore – 1989? Singapore – 2004 2 shows
*7: Concert In Kuala Lumpur 2004
*8: 1) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1999 & 2004, 2 shows; 2) Singapore 2004; 3) Taiwan 2004
*10: Hong Kong 1998/1999 Concert Series – 30th & 31st Dec (I am featured on the VCD/DVD intro since it was filmed on NYE! you see me handing a teddy bear to Faye) Sydney 2000 – it was some time in Sept during my uni “study” break… needless to say, there was not much studying. I’m from Perth so I secretly flew over to Sydney and went to the concert with a friend.
*11: 1999 – Singapore 2004 – Singapore
*12: June 2004 Singapore concert 13th & 14th Feb 1999 Singapore concerts 1999 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia concerts
*14: singapore feb 14th 1999/2000 I WOULD FLY TO ANYWHERE NOW FOR HER CONCERT!!! ( im currently in US)

4. Which Faye concert was your favorite? Why? (Write “NA” if you didn’t attend any.)
*2: 2004 singapore concert, because first time watching a concert.
*3: loved all of them
*5: Hong Kong
*6: All – very mesmirising
*7: Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2004, since that was the only concert I attended.
*8: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2004
*10: I suppose it has to be the 31st Dec 1998 concert in HK. I saw the 30th Dec concert with my mum, in the 5th row, but it really wasn’t that much fun being with mum who’s not a fan. But on the 31st, I went with another fayenatic and we went nuts. We knew what the concert format was and knew when Faye would walk around the edge of the stage, so we took a punt at racing down there to shake her hand, it wasn’t the “official” shaking hands time of the concert because it was right at the start of the night, so we completely surprised the security guard and he couldn’t stop us! It was freaking awesome, a dream come true!! You’ll see me in the intro segment of the VCD/DVD, and you might get a glimpse of my friend and I giving Faye the teddy bear and kookaburra (the aussie laughing bird).
*11: Both
*12: Faye 1999 Singapore concerts
*14: i think the best (from dvds) is still her first one. her voice is crystal clear, she has the fresh artist feel and her liberal indie-ness is still burning! i wish i was there, dammit!

5. If Faye held a live concert in a major Asian city in 2009, would you attend?
Definitely yes: 5////
Yes: ///
Not sure: ///
Definitely not:

Fayve Songs – ‘Wait a Moment’

I’m finally getting around to adding songs to my Faye Wong (王菲) “Fayve Songs“ list. (Click on the “Fayve Songs” tab at the top of the page.) One that I find myself listening to a lot is “Wait a Moment” (等等, Deng Deng), the second track in Faye Wong 2001 (EMI, Oct 2001). (Click here for an earlier article about this song.)

And here’s an edited video of Faye performing “Wait a Moment,” from a YouTube addition by Honey2000 on 5 Sep 2007.

I also added an R&B song, “Still Waiting Again,” from Faye’s Dec 1990 album, You’re the Only One (Cinepoly). This cover of Diana Ross’s “I’m Still Waiting” (Everything Is Everything, 1971) is amazing. I never get tired of listening to Faye singing soul.

Even Entertainers Go Gaga Over Faye

I downloaded a 6-part video over a year ago from YouTube that featured TV personalities and performers who tried to imitate Faye Wong (王菲). Based on the setting, which displays a poster for Faye’s No Faye, No Live! album, I’m guessing this program aired in November or December 2004. Faye serves as a judge for the “contestants” in this humorous, tongue-in-cheek show. I combined short clips from the fourth and fifth segments to demonstrate how fans aren’t the only ones who go nuts when they meet Faye. In this composite video, we see that even her fellow entertainers go gaga when they’re in Faye’s presence.


You know that Faye is really very special when entertainment professionals, too, turn into crazy fans when they meet her up close. They all become excited and want to touch and hug her. And when they do, they have a look of pure ecstacy on their faces and can’t let go. At these times, Faye is a very good sport and accommodates their antics and infatuation with a sense of humor.

The visual and audio in the original flash files were out of sync so this version is, too. I searched the web for better quality videos but came up empty.

Faye Invited to Star in ‘Rise of the Machine’

director-liu-zhenwei3According to an XK.CN article (18 Nov 2008), well-known director Liu Zhenwei (刘镇伟) has invited Faye Wong (王菲) to star in his upcoming film, Rise of the Machine (机器侠). Apparently, Liu was very impressed with Faye’s performance in Wong Kar-wai’s (王家衛) 2004 film, 2046, and feels that Faye has tremendous potential that has yet to be tapped. The article also states that Katie (陈家瑛 Chen Jiaying), Faye’s manager, told reporters on Nov 17 that Faye is painstakingly creating new songs and is in “a positive state of waiting for the right opportunity to resume her career.” Asked if Faye would accept Liu’s invitation, Katie said, “It depends on the circumstances.”


Rehearsal for Faye’s 1994 Concert

I’m not sure why, but this is one of my all-time favorite Faye Wong (王菲) videos. Some might feel it’s boring because it’s a studio rehearsal for her 1994 HK Coliseum concert. She’s just sitting on a stool, relaxed, singing. She’s wearing glasses and a simple blue coat. No fancy costumes, lighting, camera angles, or filters. Yet, I find it mesmerizing. Her confidence and maturity are amazing when we realize that she’s only 25 years old. The video shows a side of Faye that fayenatics don’t often see — the professional, serious, no-nonsense, all-business side that makes her so different from other “stars” who are merely performers, personaltiies, pretty faces, or FOTMs. Faye’s the complete package. She not only knows what she’s doing with her career and her music, but she’s also intimately involved in all aspects of it. Seriously, can you think of any other artist in the world who’s able to turn nearly everything she/he sings into an instant classic? This is why we see a consistently extraordinary quality in all her performances and resulting products such as albums and concerts. If I had a choice of attending the concert or being invited to just sit and observe this rehearsal, I think I’d choose the rehearsal. Yeah!

(Source: from a Tudou video)