Rare Songs – Kiss Me

This recording of “Kiss Me” (click below to listen) by Faye Wong (王菲) was taped live, according to Bigcola97, at the 1999 Heineken concert. It was added to YouTube by Muskmelon on 8 Sep 2007 as an audio-only video. It’s a cover of Sixpence None the Richer’s version, released in 1997. I don’t believe Faye ever officially released it in a CD, and this is the only recording I’ve ever heard. The photo on the right is from the 1997 Heineken concert videos. [7.12.08: The videos are no longer available on YouTube.] “Kiss Me” is not included in these videos so I’ll have to conclude that either the 1999 date is correct or the 1997 videos are incomplete. The 1997 videos are of excellent quality, BTW, as far as YouTube videos go.

Faye Wong’s version (click on the arrow):

Sixpence None the Richer’s version, added to YouTube by Alinedavila on 29 July 2007:

(sources: Bigcola79, Osirfuzzy, Crack-Anne, Wikipedia)

One Response

  1. Im not sure if you guys have heard of another rare song by Faye, otherwise it would be worthwhile to add it into this collection.

    Check this video out (voice only) posted by rickotube:

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