These are my fayve Faye songs. I’ll be adding new songs, removing old ones, and changing the order from time to time. If you encounter any problems with the audio for these songs, please let me know via the comments feature. Thanks. [Latest update 11.20.08]

1. Reservedness (Sky, Nov 1994)

2. Look of Love (No Faye, No Live! 2004). Video.

3. New Tenant (Fable, Oct 2000; composed by Faye)

4. Eyes on Me (Final Fantasy VIII, OST, 1999)

5. Overthrown (Lovers and Strangers, Sep 1999), Tui Fan 推翻. Video.

6. I’m Willing (unplugged) (Mystery, Apr 1994)

7. Enkindled Beauty (No Regrets, Feb 1993)

8. Passenger (To Love, Nov 2003), Cheng Ke 乘客. Video.

9. I Will Marry You Tomorrow (Faye Wong Live!, Jan 1995)

10. Chanel (Japanese version, Fable, Feb 2001; composed by Faye; long opening silence removed)

11. Colour Blind (Faye Wong 2001, Oct 2001), Colourblind 色盲. Video.

12. Reminiscence (Hong Kong Scenic Tour 98-99, Dec 1999)

13. Wait a Moment (Faye Wong 2001, EMI, Oct 2001)

14. Still Waiting Again (You’re the Only One, Cinepoly, Dec 1990)

20 Responses

  1. Thank you.
    I used ‘Red Bean’ in my wedding. It played as I walked down the isle.

    I think I will now make use of my language program so I won’t have to print English translations of Faye’s songs. They sound better in whatever language she chooses to sing.

  2. Sharron, Red Bean is one of my favorites, too. It must have a lot of meaning for you to have it played during your wedding. It’s interesting that you didn’t follow the crowd and play Wishing We Last Forever — or did you insert that at some other point in the ceremony? Goes to show how much Faye touches our lives, especially the parts that deal with deep emotions. Her music and life style, the person she is, touches us where we live and dream. Yeah, I agree about non-English songs. Jason on AAAF, too, used to say that not understanding the Chinese actually makes the songs more beautiful. I agree 100%. Faye’s Chinese is a universal language that speaks to the heart. Beautiful!

  3. Feifan –
    My actual cd line up was
    1) Parents came in on ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ by Angie Winans
    2) The groom came in on ‘Love of My Life’ by Chritafari
    3) My song – ‘Red Bean’ by Faye Wong
    4) We exited to ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ by Stevie Wonder
    The reception:
    1) Our 1st dance – ‘Always on my Mind’ by Morgan Heritage
    2) Karamu – (for a dance of Praise for all) by JP Kees
    The rest of the music was anyone’s choice.

    Yes, it was a major mix but those who know me weren’t surprised & enjoyed it.

  4. Thanks a lot for maintaining this website. Faye’s music has been an important part of my life. It’s so interesting to see what your fave Faye songs are! I hope other visitors to your site will jot down their faves too. My list of top 10, random order:

    掃興 (1996)
    娛樂場 (1997)
    原鄉情濃 (1995)
    流浪的紅舞鞋 (2001)
    光之翼 (2001)
    催眠 (1999)
    彼岸花 (2000)
    享受 (1995)
    矜持 (1994)
    不留 (2003)

  5. Hi there,

    I would like to buy a CD inwhich contains the canto version of “Eyes On Me”. I have been searching for it in various online stores and fansites but still got no clues. Could you please advise where I should go and what the title of the CD album is?

    Thanks for your help in advance,

  6. Hi, Paul. I’ve never heard of a Cantonese version of “Eyes on Me” released by Faye. The only version I’m aware of is in English. However, I’ve heard versions by others (amateurs) who have imposed their voices, in Cantonese, on the karaoke track. They can be found on YouTube. I wish Faye would release a Mandarin and Cantonese version!

  7. How can I share some Faye’s rare songs on this site?

    Also, can someone post other Faye’s rare songs if they have them?

    For example (taken from “Josh’s Complete Discography” website):

    1) two duets with Softhard: “Keep It Together” and “Don’t Be Excused / Ching Mut Hart Hei”

    2) “The Lateness Of Love / Chee Do Dic Ngoi”, a duet with Wong Yick on his self-titled album

    3) “Very Summer / Faye Sern Ha Yut” duet with Jacky Cheung on Jacky’s “Born To Be Wild”

    4) “Loving Once Is Not Enough / ???” Mandarin version of above duet on Jacky’s “Stolen Heart” album

    5) Faye performs background vocals on Dou Wei’s “Sunny Days” album on the tracks “Outside The Window” and “Spring Comes And Goes”

    6) “Comet” (Latin Mix) originally appeared on the Lau Yee Tat (one half of the Tat Ming duo) Collection compilation, released early 1996

    7) Faye appears on the Asian release version of the Cocteau Twins’ album “Milk & Kisses” on the track “Serpentskirt”, released 1995 (CD #731453231825)

    8) the Faye and Samuel Toy duet “Love Becomes A Reality / Ngoi Jeung Sut Yeen” appears on the Decca duet compilation “All Sides Are Happy / ? Ching ? Lok”, released December 1996

    9) “Promised” (Drum N Bassy Mix) appears on the PolyGram compilation “In The Dance Pool Vol.2”, released January 1998

    10) Faye performs background vocals on Na Ying’s “Awake From A Dream / Mung Sing Liu” from her “Conquer” album, released Spring 1998

    11) Faye performs a duet with Na Ying titled “Meet In 1998 / Seung Yerk Yut Gau Gau Bat”, only available on the reissued version of Na Ying’s “Conquer / Jing Fook” album (CD + 3 inch EP)

    12) “Unlimited Galaxy” (Cantonese version) Pepsi duet with Aaron Kwok appears on his album “Fascinating”, which also includes the MTV for the song

    13) “Chinese Odyssey 2002” soundtrack contains two Faye Wong & Tony Leung duets, “Drunk With Joy” and “The Only One”, released February 2002

  8. Hi fans of Faye,

    Like a lot of you, I am constantly in search of Faye’s old and rare songs.

    I understand that some of the following songs have already been uploaded on this site (marked with // before the track numbers) but I am still desperately looking for the rest. Please kindly share with all of us if you have any of them.

    Miss Charm
    01. 心墙 Core
    02. 潇洒的走 – 潇洒 The Walk
    //03. 月光下的恋情 Affair Under the Moonlight
    04. 十三妹 Shisan Mei (13 Younger Sisters)
    05. 最后的表白 Final Statement
    /06. 除了你 In Addition to You
    07. 下次相逢 Reunions Next [aka Will Meet by Chance Next Time]
    08. 请你别说 Please Let Alone
    09. 多梦的童年 Childhood Dream of Many
    10. 你在我身旁 You Next to Me
    //11. 请你猜一猜 You Guess
    12. 我们俩 The Two of Us
    13. 想让你知道 Want You to Know
    14. 女孩 Girls

    Where Comes the Wind
    SIDE A
    //01. 風從哪裡來 Where Comes the Wind
    02. 四個心願 Four Desires
    03. 甜蜜蜜 Sweet Is Dense
    04. 小小的秘密 Small Small Privacy
    05. 年紀輕輕 A Young Age
    06. 唱歌的人 Sings Person
    07. 最高峰 High Point
    08. 望著天空的女孩 The Girl Is Looking the Sky

    SIDE B
    01. 你怎麼說 How Did You Say
    02. 說說笑笑 Has a Friendly Chat
    03. 月光小夜曲 Moonlight Serenade
    04. 你照亮我的心 You Illuminate My Heart
    05. 漫步人生路 Roams the Person Way Out
    06. 故鄉從不拒絕我 The Hometown Has Never Refused Me
    //07. 又見炊煙 Sees the Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys Again

    Enchanting Kaler
    //01 Moonlight Serenade 月光小夜曲
    02 You Illuminate My Heart 你照亮我心
    03 Harmonica Story 口琴的故事
    //04 Postman (English, The Carpenters’ “Please Mr. Postman”) 邮递员
    //05 Top of the World (English, The Carpenters) 世界之顶
    06 The Hometown Has Never Refused Me 故乡从不拒绝我
    07 Young Age 年纪轻轻
    //08 Destiny (Japanese) 命运
    09 Forget Him (Guangdong) 忘记他(粤)
    10 Often Worry About Past Events 往事常牵挂
    11 Rose Garden 玫瑰花园
    12 Enchanting Kaler (English) 迷人的卡勒
    13 Today’s Happiness, Tomorrow’s Dream 今天的欢乐明天的梦


    To encourage sharing, here are some of Faye’s songs that I would like to share with my fellow Faye fans. Please share your rare songs generously as well!!!

    Separate Ways

    Separate Ways (128 Beat Mix)




    知己知彼 (Europe Mix)
    Di-Dar (Historical Mix)
    誓言 (Discovery Mix)
    夢遊 (Universal Mix)

    Loving Kindness and Wisdom (Disc 2)



    Kim (from Sydney)

  9. Does anyone know who’s the composer of red bean (hong dou)? I hope it’s not translated from Japanese or Korean song…

  10. No, not a translation. The composer is Liu Chong Yan; lyrics, Lin Xi; arrangement, Alex San.


    hai mei hao hao de gan shou
    xue hua zhan fang de qi hou
    wo men yi qi chan dou
    hui geng ming bai shen me shi wen rou
    hai mei gen ni qian zhe shou
    zhou guo huang wu de sha qiu
    ke neng chong chi yi hou
    xue hui zhen xi
    tian chang he di jiu

    you shi hou you shi hou
    wo hui xiang xin yi qie you jin tou
    xiang ju li kai dou you shi hou
    mei you shen me hui yong chui bu xiu
    ke shi wo you shi hou
    ning yuan xuan ze liu lian bu fang shou
    deng dao feng jing dou kan tou
    ye xu ni hui pei wo kan xi shui chang liu

    hai mei fei ni ba hong dou
    ao cheng chan mian de shang kou
    ran hou yi qi feng xiang
    hui geng ming bai
    xiang si de ai chou
    hai mei hao hao de gan shou
    xing zhe qin wen de wen rou
    ke neng zai wo zuo you
    ni cai zhui qiu gu du de zi you

    Repeat Chorus twice


    Haven’t really felt that
    snowflakes flying atmosphere
    We shivered together
    and understood better what is tenderness
    Haven’t held hands with you
    walk across the barren desert
    Maybe fron then since
    Learn to appreciate

    There’re times there’re times
    I’ll believe that everything has an end
    reunite breakaway there’re times
    there’s nothing that last forever
    But then I at some times
    rather choose to linger not let go
    Wait till watch through the whole scenery
    Maybe you’ll accompany me to watch the stream flow

    Haven’t steamed the red bean for you
    into an entangled web of wound
    And then enjoy it together
    will then understand
    the sorrow of missing each other
    Haven’t yet really felt
    the tenderness of kissing while awake
    Maybe on my surroundings
    You’ll then pursue the freedom of being alone

  11. So nice to listen to random Faye selections. One of my all time favs is “Only Keeping a Date for You” (pretty loose translation. She sang this at her 2004 HK concert, its on the CD, during the “I’m Willing”, “If I Was Flowing Water”, “New Tenant” etc set. They really should release an album of just Faye’s compositions, it would be an awesome album. Then think of the random songs & covers she’s done put together. I’d pay money for these.

  12. I love that song, too! “I Only Want to Keep a Promise to You” (只願為你守著約). Here’s a YouTube version:

    Here’s an English translation from

    My mind is empty,
    besides awaiting you
    my heart is as calm as still water.
    I keep the promise devotedly,
    not willing to change any little bit.

    Even in a world as such,
    there still exists distant true love as ours.
    What else do I lack,
    but all I ask is just you to be at my side.

    Although many people surround me,
    I have never cherished them.
    Cause no one has given me
    the shocking feeling at first sight
    like you did.

    I only want to keep a promise to you,
    and my heart will always remain that still.
    Perhaps I may feel lonesome,
    but I have no regret and no grumbling in my heart.

    I only want to keep a promise to you,
    and my heart has never been far away,
    whether it’s sunny or cloudy,
    whether the moon is full or deficient;
    No matter how time and space change,
    I shall not change for the rest of my life.
    No matter how long the road is,
    despite the distance, I can get it through.

    Missing your smile and laughter,
    I cannot help but cry.
    No one will understand
    the taste of loving devotedly
    more than me.

  13. Here’s one I’ve never head before: “Forgiveness” (宽恕 kuān shù), ending theme song from 2003 TV series “Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils” (天龙八部 Tian Long Ba Bu):

    It starts 30 seconds into this video:

    And here’s Faye in 1994, dancing to a couple of oldies: Sally Yeh’s 1985 Night Wind (晚风)and another called Dream (梦) with Leon Lai. Nice to see Faye dancing, even if the songs are not the most interesting.

  14. WOAH!!! I just discovered the japanese version of Chanel on this page!!! I’ve been missing out on this for this many years?! I had NO idea this was in existence… anyone have the japanese lyrics (written with english alphabet)? Another song I have to learn :)

  15. Hi! Thanks for these updates. Here are a few more rare tracks from Faye:
    (almost all can be downloaded as MP3s via the links).

    A query: I used to have an MP3 of a live Faye Wong/Alan Tam duet – a lovely ballad – I wonder if anyone has this?

  16. cf, thanks for the link! A valuable repository of some very rare faye songs. I also really like the commentary provided for each.

    I checked this site and couldn’t find a duet of Faye and Alan, but I did find two that brought them together:

    Kim, Yu, Rich88faye: SARS 2003 MV

    Rare Songs – I Love Freckles

  17. Feifan: Great – thanks for these two links! I’ll keep hunting for their Cantonese duet…

  18. Hi, anyone knows what’s this cantonese song that Faye Wong sings in this vid of collection of songs samples. The song is from 0:51 to 1:27, beginning is the instruments, and Faye Wong only start singing at 0:58.


  19. to MM, faye was singing a song from Sandy Lim – 愿

  20. I wonder when she will release her new album

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