‘The True Story of Faye Wong’ – New Release

Next week (June 22), Cheung Universal Music will be launching The True Story of Faye Wong (王菲正傳), a 3CD + DVD set featuring 48 classic songs, including out-of-print works. The DVD will feature 10 TVB clips and radio performances, including duets with Jacky Cheung (张学友), Leon Lai (黎明) and Sally Yeh (葉蒨文). (Source: Tang Jia Xi [唐嘉晞], Ming Pao Daily News 9.20.09; forum.tower3a 6.17.09)


CD 1
01. Fragile Woman 容易受傷的女人
02. No Regrets (Mandarin version) 執迷不悔(國語版)
03. Cold War (Top Ten Chinese Golden) 冷戰- 十大中文金曲
04. I’m Willing (String version) 我願意(弦樂版)
05. Dreams (Dream Person) 夢中人
06. Know Oneself and Others (Europe Mix) 知己知彼
07. Sky (Unplugged) 天空
08. Chessman 棋子
09. Scandalous 暖昧
10. Di-Dar (Historical Mix)
11. Impetuous 浮躁
12. You’re Happy So I’m Happy 你快樂(所以我快樂)
13. Halfway 半途而廢
14. The Moon at That Time 當時的月亮
15. One Hundred Years of Solitude 百年孤寂
16. Love Letter to Myself 給自己的情書

(Added to YouTube by puduungcenht on 22 June 2009)

CD 2
01. Last train 尾班車
02. If Destined 有緣的話
03. Can You Hold Me Tight 可否抱緊我
04. Romantic Storm 浪漫風暴
05. No Regrets (Mandarin version) 執迷不悔(粵語版)
06. No More Games (Rock Version) 不再兒嬉
07. Put the Key in the Mailbox 把鎖匙投進信箱
08. Grow Up 長大
09. Flow Not Fly (’60s Version) 流非飛
10. Like Wind (Autumn Version) 如風
11. Fragile Woman (Mandarin version) 容易受傷的女人(國語版)
12. Reminiscence Is a Red Sky 回憶是紅色的天空
13. Love, Once Is Not Enough (chorus Jacky Cheung) 愛一次給不完(張學友合唱)
14. Because I Love Faye (chorus Jan Lamb) 只因喜歡faye (林海峰合唱)
15. Heaven and Earth 天與地
16. Sleepwalk 夢遊

(Added to YouTube by puduungcenht on 23 June 2009)

CD 3
01. You Are in My Heart 你在的心中
02. One Person, Two Roles 一人分飾兩角
03. Pledge (Discovery Mix) 誓言
04. Unbelievable 不得了
05. Terror 心驚膽戰
06. I Don’t Want to Be This Way Either 我也不想這樣
07. Red Bean (Guangdong version: Reimbursement) 紅豆(廣東版: 償還)
08. Butterfly (Cantonese version: Postman) 蝴蝶(廣東版: 郵差)
09. The Last Blossom 開到茶靡
10. Only Love Strangers 只愛陌生人
11. Watching Over the Wheat Fields 守望麥田
12. The Book of Laughter and Forgetting 笑忘書
13. Fireflies 螢火蟲
14. Passing Years 流年
15. Vertigo 迷魂記
16. I Love Freckles 我愛雀斑

01. Flow Not Fly 流非飛 (Faye Wong) / tilt 傾斜 (Sally Yeh) / shock 震撼 (Faye Wong) / Summer of Love (Sally Yeh) / heart of the sun 心裡的陽光(Faye Wong) T’ai -1993 – leap stage Dancing Queen
02. Know thy enemy and know 知己知彼/ very summer 非常夏日 (Jacky Cheung choir) – 1994 Miss Hong Kong final performance
03. Evening wind 晚風/ 夢 Dream (Leon Lai  Chorus) – 1994 star-studded Baoliang Yiu
04. Way Out – 1994 the year’s most popular female pop singers in Hong Kong hits
05. I am willing 我願意- 1994 the annual Asia-Pacific the most popular female pop singer Golden
06. To curry favor with their own 討好自己 – 1995 Reds Hall Friday
07. The edge of love and pain 愛與痛的邊緣 – 1995 17th Top Ten Chinese Golden Award Ceremony
08. I only care about you 我只在乎你 – 1995 Radio Television Hong Kong RTHK Top Ten Chinese Golden Melody Awards ceremony – miss her
09. Meteors 流星 / impetuous 浮躁 / Di-Dar – 1996 Miss Hong Kong final performance
10. Stroking your face 輕撫你的臉 / I would like 我願意 / love 情書 / monsoon 季侯風 (Jacky Cheung choir) – 1997 HE T’ai singer Jade

Update 7.4.09: Click here for the 10 videos.

8 Responses

  1. Can someone post the track titles in Mandarin please?

    Have anyone of you bought the album?

  2. Kim, the Mandarin titles have been added.

  3. Thanks feifan. Have you bought the album?

  4. Hi, Kim. No, I haven’t. I think I have most of the songs on the CDs. I’ve also seen most of the clips on the DVD. But I’m thinking of getting it for the quality of the videos, which is probably a whole lot better than the ones we’re seeing in YouTube, Tudou, etc.

  5. I’m so annoyed, i searched EVERYwhere for mp3s of some of those remixes, and there most of them are, all together on this collection. Darn my impatience! XD

    I really wanna pick this up – i have most of the songs, but obviously not all of them on a hard store-bought copy. I’m used to buying Japanese CDs (which run $30+ for one-cd albums) so I’m loving the price at Yesasia too!

  6. The chinese title of “True Story of Faye Wong” is a play on the same movie title by Wong Kar Wai, starring the late Leslie Cheung. It is was ground breaking hit for both director and actor.

  7. Tell us more about the film. Sounds good!

    I finally got around to buying “Ashes of Time (Redux),” which I’ve heard so much about but have never seen. The cast and crew are amazing: WKW, Tony (Chiu Wai), Brigitte, Doyle — four from the CKE film — as well as Leslie, Carina, Jacky, Tony (Ka Fai), and Maggie. They should’ve tried to work Faye into Ashes, too. I haven’t watched the film yet, but I’m wondering if it’s going to be as good as CKE.

    According to Tarantino, CKE was supposedly filmed as a break from the gruelling demands of Ashes.

  8. I really can’t remember what “The true story of ah fei” is about, I just remember even my mum who’s super mainstream loved it.

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