Rare Songs – ‘Love Commandments’ Remixed

Faye Wong’s (王菲) “Love Commandments” was first released in Chang You in Oct 1998. It is the Cantonese version of “Forbidden Love,” and it appears as track 3 on the second of the two-disc set.

The remix of  “Love Commandments” (the first audio below) was done by C.Y. Kong, the arranger and composer who worked with Faye on many of her greatest hits. To my knowledge, this remix was never officially released. What makes it interesting and rare is that it uses the arrangement from the Mandarin version, “Forbidden Love” (the third audio below), instead of the more familiar arrangement (the second audio below) in the two-disc set. According to C.Y., the remix is slightly different, and the guitars were played by Joey Tang. Joey’s arguably the hottest rock guitarist in China. You can see and hear him in Faye’s 2003 concert video, for example, in the opening song, “Sky.”

1. “Love Commandments” remixed by C. Y. Kong in Sep 1998

2. “Love Commandments” from the original release, disc 2 track 3 – Cantonese version of “Forbidden Love.”

3. “Forbidden Love” from the original release, disc 1 track 3 -in Mandarin.

4. Update 6 March 2009: “The Sex Commandment DJ008 Remix.” See “Wubing: ‘Sex Commandment DJ008 Remix’

6 Responses

  1. Hi, i don’t know how to download the remixed track 1, can you send the song to me? Thanks!!!

  2. Hi, Dan. Thanks for the question. Click here for instructions on how to download MP3s from this site. I Hope this helps. Let me know if you need additional help.

  3. Hi, feifan, i downloaded the song using firefox. Thanks!!!

  4. Hey, Dan. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to know my directions made sense. When I reread the directions, I realize I left out info on how to get Firefox! Just like me to explain all the tiny details and forget the big ones. LOL! I’ll add that info shortly just in case others may not know what Firefox is or how to get it.

  5. Is there any translation of this lyrics? I searched a lot but had no results.

  6. luoluo1003, I haven’t been able to find the lyrics for “Love Commandments,” which is the Cantonese version of “Forbidden Love” (aka “Sex Commandments”).

    Here’s an English translation of the Mandarin version from wongfaye.org:

    Don’t think that you only need his consolation
    Don’t think that eyebrows are only decorations
    His face isn’t filled with glamour
    Who would fantasize about it?

    Don’t think that youth will
    Don’t think that his hair will not sprout roses
    He will continue to be perfect
    As long as your heart is invested by the devil

    If you love him
    Smiles will always follow you
    You will be enveloped by his bosom
    His face has been consumed by flames
    Would it matter to you?

    If you no longer care about who he resembles
    Then there’s nothing precious about
    The so-called “lovers’ tears”

    The eyebrow at the corner of the eye is not a misunderstanding [?]

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