POLL: Will Faye Release a New Album in 2009?

In recent photos, we’ve seen Faye Wong (王菲) out and about, emerging from a karaoke parlor late at night on Oct 25 and shopping for furniture a few days later. She seems to have regained her health, and, as usual, appears trim, stylish, and beautiful. Despite Zhang Ya Dong‘s (張亞東) assertion that he never said Faye was returning and that she would not be appearing in the concert to promote his new album, and despite the false rumor that she would appear at the 50th anniversary Xi’an Film Studio concert, “Song of the Film,” on Nov 8, fayenatics the world over are still hopeful that Faye will return. The question for most is not if but when. Thus, I’ve decided to run a poll. This is the first official Faye Wong Today poll so I hope all of you will participate. Please use the comment feature below to explain your vote. Don’t use the “comment” in the poll; instead, use the one that appears at the end of this article. Thanks!

5 Responses

  1. I’m voting “definitely yes!” because all the obvious obstacles to Faye’s return are gone. She’s not pregnant, Li Yan appears to be healthy and well, Tong Tong seems to be fine, and Faye and LYP’s marriage seems to be strong, despite rumors to the contrary. In the Oct 25 and 28 photos she looks “restless,” and this is the mood that usually propels her to creativity. Expect a spectacular new album from Faye in 2009!

  2. I voted not sure simply because you stated 2009, and that may be a reach considering she’s not really been in public.

    But I do think she is going to return soon.

  3. Good point, cfensi. Faye’s a perfectionist and will take all the time that’s necessary to turn out an album that meets her standards. So a wait of a couple more years is not out of the question. And you’re right about the fact that the transition back to the studio, public appearances to promote the album, MVs, and follow-up live concerts will take a lot of time especially since she’s been out of the mix for a few years. I guess the 2009 figure may be more wishful thinking than reality. LOL! Still, we all miss her so much that we can’t help but hope that the wait will be as brief as possible.

  4. Hmmm…looks like I’m the first “no” in the poll. Hope I’m wrong, but nothing has materialized as far as comebacks so far, so why believe ’09 is the year? If/when Faye comes back, I’m sure there will be a definitive announcement and not some bogus sources designed only to sell newspapers and magazines.

  5. No, i believe she will release an album one day, but definitely not on 2009.

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