Rare Songs – Do Dak Ta in a Live Duet

With this live recording of Faye Wong’s “Because of Him” (多得他, Do Dak Ta), I’m beginning a series on rare recordings that have never been formally released in official albums or videos. (Click below to listen to the song.) These are the ones that are floating around on the web in various degrees of quality. This is from the 1992 Creative Concert where Faye and Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) teamed up in a live duet. “Do Dak Ta” is a cover of Karyn White’s 1988 hit “Superwoman.” Faye released this song in her third album, You’re the Only One (Cinepoly, Dec 1990). C. Y. Kong has a version on his website, but it’s from the concert soundtrack and quite raw. I got this version off the video at Tudou.com. The problem with Tudou videos is the slow downloading, which translates into long pauses throughout the song. (YouTube’s a lot better in this regard.) Thus, for many (some?) of the songs I’ll be presenting in this series, the process will probably require a download of an FLV file to my PC (to avoid the pauses), a recording in WAV format, a conversion to MP3, and an upload to this blog site.

In any case, I’m guessing that this is Faye’s first live concert after returning from her soul-searching sojourn to New York City in 1991. With the release of Coming Home (Cinepoly, Aug 1992) after her return to Hong Kong, she turned her fledgling career onto the fast track and never looked back. Notice her name on the cover of the album. She’s going with “Jing” and “Faye” plus “王靖雯,” Wang Jing Wen or Wong Ching Man. The emcee in the recording uses the latter rather than 王菲, or Wong Faye.

(To play the song, “Because of Him,” click on the arrow.)

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