Rare Songs – Don’t Break My Heart

Faye Wong (王菲) sang this song, “Don’t Break My Heart” (click below to listen), at her Tokyo concert on March 11-12, 1999, at the Budokan. It’s in this rare-songs series because it’s not included in any official releases. I like this song on its own merits but moreso because of its historical significance. It was first recorded by the Black Panther (黑豹, Hei Bao) in 1991. (See the photo below; also, click below to listen.) The leader and lead singer is Dou Wei (窦唯), Faye’s future husband (1996-99). (Second from the left in the photo below.) I actually prefer his version to Faye’s. It’s a little more rock solid. He left the band shortly after this, the band’s first release. At the time, in the late-80s and early-90s, when Faye was forming her musical tastes, Beijing was the hotbed of Chinese rock and the most popular Chinese band was the Black Panther. And the best known and most talented member was Dou Wei. The group leaned toward pop rock, and Dou Wei established himself as China’s pioneer of alternative music. IMHO, the man’s a musical genius. His influence on Faye’s overall development is immeasurable. I’d really like to see them collaborate once again in future Faye releases. Together, they make musical magic.

Faye Wong’s “Don’t Break My Heart” (1999)

Dou Wei’s “Don’t Break My Heart” (1991)

(source: Wikipedia, blog.xj163.cn, http://www.mtime.com, http://www.famouschinese.com, http://www.songtaste.com)

[Added 11.1.08] Click here for a video version of “Don’t Break My Heart.”

[Added 07.26.09] This audio rip may be a bit better.


10 Responses

  1. I totally remember listening to this back in the day. Too bad he turned out to be a cheating a$$! I guess I’ll always favour Faye’s version, but I like her angst when she sings it, I love when she let’s loose and pours her heart out.

    BTW, just want to say that I LOVE this website, keeps me entertained at work with so many fond memories of Faye. Can’t wait for her comeback – it better be for real!! (otherwise my heart will be broken!)

  2. The ‘discarded’ incident happened again when i click ‘Submit Comment’ just now.

  3. Dan, I’m posting this reply to see if I can replicate the problem.

  4. Dan, I didn’t see a “discarded” notice when I clicked on “Submit Comment.” Did you post a reply that was discarded? The first time it happened, I checked all the settings for this blog, and I couldn’t find one that’s related to this issue. I wonder if others are also experiencing the same problem. I’ll look deeper into it and get back to you.

  5. The ‘discarded’ that is shown to me.

  6. I intended to post the link of Black Panther’s version of the song here, but don’t know why the ‘discarded’ keep appearing, so i registered a blog and put the link there, click the website below if you want to listen to it.


  7. hey any idea where i can get this song?Which DVD or CD from which album?

  8. Hey, heyhey. (Sorry, couldn’t resist ) Good question. I don’t think this Faye song was ever released on a CD or DVD. The audio in this post and the video in the other may be the only “recordings.” But I hope I’m wrong and that there actually is a CD or DVD. Someone on this blog should know.

  9. Here is the extracted audio from the video, for everyone who desire it:


    [audio src="http://rs251.rapidshare.com/files/260290758/FAYE_WONG_-_Don_t_Break_My_Heart.mp3" /]

  10. OldbOy, I re-ripped the audio from the 1999 “Don’t Break My Heart” video and appended it to the original article. I hope it’s better. -feifan

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