Rare Songs – Like an Old Friend’s Visit

“Like an Old Friend’s Visit” (似是故人来) is the theme song from the film Twin Bracelets (雙鐲). Anita Mui (梅艷芳) sang the song in the OST, and it won Best Original Film Song at the 11th Hong Kong Film Awards in 1992. The song also appears in Anita’s 1992 album, The Legend of the Pop Queen Part II. Listen to the audio and video below. Anita’s version is very moving.

Faye Wong’s (王菲) version is from a live 1994 TV performance. I really like Faye’s cover in the video. It’s very different from Anita’s. The audio is a rip from this video.

Faye’s live 1994 version of “Like an Old Friend’s Visit”

Anita’s version of “Like an Old Friend’s Visit”; audio ripped from YouTube addition by Gonenow2003 on 9 Mar 2008.

Faye’s live video version of “Like an Old Friend’s Visit” (似是故人来) is from a video added to YouTube by Fredling on 13 June 2006. The clip features Sally Yeh (葉蒨文), Faye Wong (王菲), Sandy Lam (林憶蓮), and Anita Mui (梅艷芳). Faye’s segment is at the 03:35-05:48 mark.

Anita’s 1999 live version, added to YouTube by Ericcheung1983 on 9 Sep 2006.

2 Responses

  1. Wow. She has a nice lower range. I thought she only developed that part of her voice later on

    I still think Anita’s version sounds best though :D

  2. Mysticaldodo. I really like Faye’s version of this song and would place it high on my list of songs that I wish Faye would officially release in a new album. Tkx for pointing out Faye’s fab low range! I hadn’t thought about why it appeals to me so much, but since you’ve mentioned the lower range, I think that’s why I like it. Nearly all singer have a limited range in which they sound really good. But Faye seems to break that mold because she sounds great in all the different ranges that she sings in. Faye’s low range has a deep, earthy warmth that just pulls me in. BTW, the more I hear Anita, the more I realize why she has so many loyal fans. Talk about a deep and moving voice! Anita has a lot of soul! Tkx again for sharing.

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