POLL: Are Faye and LYP Divorcing?

In the last few days, the rumor mills in China have been working overtime, churning out the latest speculation that Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yapeng (李亚鹏) are planning to divorce.

Do you believe these rumors? Please take the poll. We’re also interested in hearing your reasons so please share them in the comments section. Thanks!

(Source: Sina.com, 14 Nov 2008)

7 Responses

  1. I voted “definitely no” because there’s absolutely no proof. Reporters use the fact that Na Ying said she doesn’t know as proof that Faye and LYP are planning to split. LOL! Until I hear solid evidence or testimony, I’ll go on believing that this is just another media gimmick to capitalize on the hottest star in all of China, Faye Wong. This is just another rumor.

  2. Not Na Ying, it is her sister, Na Xin(那辛), who is also her manager. This sister like to use faye to create publicity for Na Ying. This is not the first time already. She just want everyone to know Na Ying is releasing her new album soon. Putting ‘Wang Fei’ this two words on the news will attracts more eyeballs.

    Notice how she replied the media when asked on faye’s alleged divorce? She said she has no idea of what happening to faye, but if journalists wants to know more on Na Ying, she is willing to answer them.

    BTW, even if faye is divorcing, the journalists should be asking people around her, e.g her manager, or lyp’s manager or lyp himself, why asked someone unrelated to faye at all? It is so obvious that this news is spread by Na Xin herself, that’s why she is the first person that journalist contacted when this rumours came out.

  3. Ridiculous media!!! Rumours of faye and lyp divorced appeared 6 times this year already, average of one time every 2 months, but none of them is true. Most of the rumours are started by 南方都市报,this press is infamous for spreading irresponsible news. 99.9999& of the news reported by them is untrue.

  4. Dan, thanks for the correction! Now it makes sense.

  5. When the 46 news agences that would immediately announce her divorce/new album/concert appearance/new baby/trip to mars/third leg/or whatever the real news story is that will spread to many places at once…do the reporting..then i’ll believe it…not the my sister knows someone who’s best friend passed me a note in gym class stories…

  6. “Trip to mars/third leg/or whatever” — LOL! I like that, Podger. You’re right, we have to closely examine the source of reports. When all the biggies say the sky is falling, then, obviously, it must be.

  7. I am married – and… am in love with faye, well, just a major fanboy really. I hope that their love lasts until the significant other, passes on. Wishing anything less is really not empathetic. She is the reason why we post to this site. I want Faye to have many many happy years of life. We have all been so lucky to have her in our generation. Other generations got Gaga – lol

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