Rare Songs – Forgiveness

I was tipped off to this rare Faye Wong (王菲) song by Colin (click here to see his 2 June 2008 comment). The title is “Forgiveness” (寬恕, Kuan Shu), and it’s the theme song from the 2003 TV series Demi Gods and Semi Devils, which is also known as The Eight Steps of the Heavenly Dragon (天龍八部, Tian Long Ba Bu). The link to the YouTube version (click on the image on the right) is provided by Colin. The sound quality is quite good. It was uploaded by Lilihu two years ago. The SQ of the audio version (click below to listen) is a little better. It was added to Imeem by “L change the world” in Dec 2007. This is another priceless, hard to find song in Faye’s inimitable voice, spiritual, haunting, moving.

Click on the arrow to listen.

One Response

  1. Faye also sang the theme song for the movie Hero right? the one with Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Jet Li (?). It was a huge movie, each character was associated to a colour, Maggie was red, Tony was blue and Zhang was white… something like that. Anyone have the audio?

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