Faye Wong’s ‘Hero’ Bonus Track

Thanks to Deb’s heads up, we’re finally getting around to posting an MP3, MV, and lyrics for Zhang Yimou’s (張藝謀) 2002 masterpiece, Hero. Faye Wong (王菲) sings the bonus title track from the OST. Click on the poster image for background info on this film.


Theme Song of Zhang Yi Mou’s Hero

zai hen jiu huo zhe bu jiu yi qian
ren men zai zhuan song
ren ying chong chong
you ren dao xia lai
jiu you ren huo de guang rong

yi ge ren die dao
zhong you pang ren
wei ta er xin tong
ni de ying yong shi ta de can ren
shui neng gou wei suo you ren xiao chong

kan shui kan dong
xiang shui xiang tong
shui dou wang ji le kuan rong
zhi xiang zhe ai ji de ying yong

shui ti zhe deng long
kan zuo kan you
dou you ta ku zhong
jing chi zhi mi wan gu shuo dao di
mei ge ren zhi wei zi ji xiao chong
kan shui cheng gong

wo men deng dai gai bian shi jie de ying xiong
kan shui zai zhui hou cheng gong
ran hong zheng ge tian kong
cheng quan le shui de meng
zhe shi jie xu yao you ren bei ge song

wo men deng dai bao hu zi ji de ying xiong
hong dong hao rang zi ji gan dung
cheng quan ge ren de meng
wo men deng le yi ge you yi ge ying xiong
ran hong le shui tian kong
zhi shi fei le jiao qian wan ren ju gong

(YouTube upload by Insecurity 30 July 2007)


At long time or not so long ago
people were passing legends
Shadows irresolute
When someone falls
someone gets glory

One man falls
there’s people who feel pain for him
your glorious courage is his brutality
who can effect loyalty to all

see who understands
think who thinks clearly
whoever forgets forgiveness
only thinks of own glory

who carries the lamp
look left look right
too has his bitter feelings
insist persist stubborn to the core
everyone only pledge loyalty to self
see who succeed

we wait for a hero that changes the world
see who will succeed in the end
dye the whole sky red
fulfilled who’s dreams
this world needs to extol someone

we wait for a hero that protects oneself
express in action let self be touched
fulfilled one’s dreams
we wait one after another hero
dye red who’s sky
just to make millions people to bow(to self)

[lyrics source: allthelyrics.com]

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  1. a beautiful song,

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