Those Flowers – No Longer a Mystery!

Peppar, on 8 Oct 2008, has answered the question once and for all. (See Peppar’s comment below.) He/she has identified the singer of version A of “Those Flowers”! (Click here for the original post and comments; and click here for a follow-up post/comments.)

Version A – sung by Babysbaby

It’s not Faye Wong (王菲)! The singer is Babysbaby (名字)! Her stage name is Jade Yin (艺名).

And here’s her bio:

And here’s Peppar’s original comment:

peppar, on October 8th, 2008 at 7:32 am Said:

feifan, I did some googling and manage to find the original singer of Version A!

She is famously known as babysbaby when she first posted this song on, however all links to this website are broken. I managed to dig out 1 which is still active and some information about this singer.

Below are some of the links:
(link to the song ‘those flowers’)
(link to other songs by babysbaby)
(link to her comments about this song)

Well… The truth is out now, no longer a mystery.


2 Responses

  1. I remember there used to be a girl who covered like 100 faye songs on and we were all amazed because we’ve never heard anybody who sounded so much like faye. I think the thread is still somewhere in all about ah faye forum. I kinda suspected it might be her but not sure if this is the same girl.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Aznfayeth. She sounds really good in “Those Flowers,” but does she sound good in other songs, too? The vast majority of singers are one-hit wonders. They sound great in one song and bomb on everything else. (This is what makes Faye so special. She can sing anything and make it sound fantastic.) I’m going to have to check out AAAF and this singer. Do you recall which forum it was in? I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Babysbaby. I wonder why she hasn’t made it big. She deserves a shot.

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